02 August 2012

Riding on the best Monorail EVER

The Avengers Monorail 

It was a great surprise as we waited for the Monorail after just finishing our day at the Magic Kingdom. You know the feeling, walking up the hill to catch the monorail. The crowd is big behind you and your walking fast just to keep ahead and hope to be the first one on so you can get a seat.  As we waited for another to pull up my tired feet got the best of me and I wasn't paying attention, when my husband said look and I was like WHAT? lol.

As I looked to my right I saw it approaching, the Black color heading toward us and I thought what it is? I forgot what The Avengers Monorail looked like and when It pulled up I was screaming NO - No WAY ..

The characters all over it: Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

I loved this movie. I waited for each little bit of preview I could find before it came out.. I can't wait for the sequel. ;-)

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