16 August 2012

Vinylmation Obsession I AM ~ A Disney Fan's Story

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A Disney Fan I am and Yes I am obsessed with One particular thing at Disney ~~~ VINYLMATIONS. This didn't start right away, my daughter bought one, a Mickey that was lavender with hearts & butterflies.  I thought it was ugly but yet, some years later I took a different look at another one and I love it. It was a 2011 Mickey with Designs of the other characters and rides on it. It seemed that Vinylmations were not the hit they are now and not that many existed.  

The Ceiling at D~Street
It wasn't until a few years later that more Vinylmations appeared at Disney and there were characters I loved from movies and cartoons. So in these last 2 years I have been buying and collecting them at Disney Stores and Walt Disney World and at every place I can find a Black Swap Box...

I'm in pursuit of this Vinylmation next, Bean Bunny.. He was in the giant table at D~Street ( I counted 10 of them & I just need One), a known Vinylmations Store and trade place. I have never seen so many Vinyls in one place..

I love trading it is so exciting to see if you are going to get the one you have been looking for especially the CHASERS!!! These are the secret bonus ones that are not pictured on the box.

Happy Hunting and Join me for more Vinylmation Adventures!!

Look at all of them in Here ~ Look Close @ D~Street
Got this cool one @D~Street
Love this Stitch One too

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