10 September 2012

The Votes are In And the Tower Of Terror Wins

 AUGUST 2012

I recently went to Hollywood Studios with the Family. They were visiting from New York and were very anxious to go to Walt Disney World. So we packed up the kids, snacks and water and headed for Hollywood Studios.  It was a unanimous decision about which park we would visit ~ everyone wanted to go to the best thrill rides and out of the 4, without a doubt The Tower of Terror and the Rockin' Roller Coaster were at the very top of the list. It was almost in unison when we sat around and talked about it and then asked everyone to vote. The screams were for these 2 very rides and yes they are all teenagers, well except one 10 year old.

I have been on the Tower 2x and that's enough for me but, the thrill of the drop is amazing and scary at the same time. There's nothing else like falling faster than gravity and then trying to walk. My legs were shaking so much, I wobbled out the door, but not the kids. They wanted to go on again and again.

I personally find the architecture of this building to be insane, I mean just the look of how beautiful this building is both inside and out. The details are amazing. But, did you know the back is just facade, I mean there's nothing back there, it was build to complete the building.  

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It was one of the best Disney Days I 've had with family.

Thanks for Joining me today ;-) Have a Magical Day !!
What are your Favorite Attractions? Thrill Rides? Disney Park?


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