17 October 2012

Pictures of The New FANTASYLAND

I have really enjoyed getting to the previews of the New Fantasyland during the Soft Openings that have been going on over the last few weeks in the Magic Kingdom. I wanted to share some pictures I took as I walked around the outside of Beast's Castle, Gaston's Tavern, Maurice's Cottage and Popping Machine, Ariel's Under the Sea and the Bonjour Village gift shop.  I was in awe of this new area, every special detail from the movies. It is truly amazing what they have done behind the construction walls. 

Over the past few months, I have been privileged to be at the Magic Kingdom to watch the progress over the last few months and sneak a few pictures from over the walls. I am very thankful to my husband who indulges our love of Disney and would get on top of the brick wall sitting areas by the teacups and Winnie-the-Pooh or even atop Dumbo to get the best pictures. Yes, we have been asked to get down by Cast Members but, it was worth it to get that sneak peek. 

Are you looking as forward to it all as I am when The New Fantasyland opens December 6th ºoº

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  1. You took wonderful pictures! I LOVE the rose in the jar...so beautiful. I cannot wait to get back there!!!

  2. It looks fantastic! I did have to laugh at you sending your husband up on Dumbo to take pictures though. Part crazy...Part brilliant. I like it!

  3. It opened 2 days (2!!) after I left WDW, so YES I am VERY eager to check it out! lol

  4. Thanks V for stopping by, sorry you just missed it but you will have to come back then ;-)

  5. Thanks Steve, very true on the crazy/brilliant. He laughed too He has a good sense of humor ;-)

  6. Thanks Kelly, The rose is so beautiful I really wanted to buy it ;-)


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