05 October 2012

~ The Storybook Circus Starring ~ DUMBO the Flying Elephant

 The details of this amazing ride can be seen all over, from it's new and bigger location in
The Storybook Circus Area to having not 1 but, 2 sets of Flying Pachyderm's to ride.  One of the things you notice right away is the bright colorful, fun circus feel you get as soon as you see this area. I think it was brilliant adding an air conditioned tent behind Dumbo to wait and cool off in. It gives adults and kids a chance to relax or play before the ride. I also loved the water pools below the flying elephants but, it was the details from the movie at the top that really got me. With the stork from the movie delivering the baby "Jumbo Jr" so proudly displayed to the baby himself sitting a top his ride that make it so spectacular a vision. It is one of the best rides at the Magic Kingdom and it's even better now with double the flying elephants. The interactive play waiting area that cools you down and has all kinds of entertainment for the kids. Just the right combo for waiting.

Now With a Circus-Themed Play Area!
From beginning to end, thrills abound. Upon arrival at Dumbo The Flying Elephant, you'll receive a pager that virtually holds your place in line and notifies you when it's your turn to ride. While you wait, step inside the big top tent, where kids of all ages can become a part of the show in an air-conditioned recreation area that features:
  • Circus-inspired d├ęcor
  • Slides
  • Climbing nets
  • A toddler play area in the center ring
Here, you'll also find ample seating, making this an ideal place to relax before your flight with Dumbo.

 I just loved the amazing detail from the movie that is very carefully placed on the ride. Look for it before the ride starts to the right of the Dumbo Cars.

Bright Blues and Reds make this attraction stand out in the Storybook Circus area.The gold figures of Dumbo and his signature "D", and the stork fit perfectly with the blue and red colors.

FastPass is available and there is no height requirement. Guests of all ages can enjoy a flight that offers sweeping views of the vibrant Storybook Circus below. I know I did and I got a peek behind the walls too..

A scene right from the

One thing I can say was how cool and organized the new system was and the wait once we got the pager wasn't long, maybe 10 minutes. My kids were actually disappointed it wasn't a longer wait so they could enjoy the activities in the tent more.

The climbing nets went all around, great to explore/play in and the all around the outside of the play area were bleachers seats, so we (adults) could watch the kids play and not feel like they were lost.
Inside the tent enjoying the nets

I took so many pictures, it will have to be another post to get them all in.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your ride on the Flying Elephants more than once.

Have a Magical Day ;-)

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