12 October 2012

The Boardwalk Villas ~ A DVC Resort

Our stay at the Boardwalk Villas was one with both a great view and a great pool. There are many reasons we love being Disney Vacation Club members but one in particular is because, it allows us to stay in such beautiful resorts and not have to pay cash. We use our DVC points to book our rooms and depending on the length of our stay we get a studio for short visits or the 1 bedroom for longer so then we have a full kitchen.

 Some of the pics from our amazing room !!!

Looking at the Tower from across our room

This is one of my favorite resorts because, of it's central location to 2 theme parks. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are just a boat ride away making it very convenient to the Boardwalk, and the boat is your only option because  there is no bus. And if you are feeling adventurous you can also walk to both parks, there are walkways leading to both. So if you happen to miss the last boat you still have a way to get back to the resort. The walk to Hollywood Studios is a little longer than the walk to Epcot, so I have always tried to make that boat. LOL.

This past week we enjoyed great weather and got to swim a lot but, the most fun was shooting out of the clown's mouth as we came down the slide. This has always been a very fun thing to laugh about every time we stay at the Boardwalk.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you get to stay at this great resort!!!
If you have any questions about the Boardwalk or DVC, let me know ..

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  1. I love visiting the Boardwalk, but I have'nt stayed there yet.. it's at the top of my must-stays though! Hopefully one day.. I'm not DVC, so I just borrow points from wherever is available!

  2. Thanks Jenn, It's a very fun resort and beautiful. Enjoy your stay when youget there and so cool that you can borrow points and get in..