30 October 2012

Wreck It Ralph ~ My Review of the Movie


Thanks to D23, I got a Sneak Preview of the new Walt Disney Movie "Wreck It Ralph" last night and I loved it. I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did because, I didn't know what to expect. I had heard a lot about this movie and thought the characters of a video having lives inside the video game, was strange.  And the main character wants to be a good guy, well how could he do that? Being a big video game player myself, I recognized many of the characters from other games, like Q-Bert, Pac-man, and Street Fighter, which was very cool.

 The premise is about an arcade game called Fix It Felix, Jr. and two of the main characters of the game are Felix who is the fixer and Ralph who is the wrecker. They have a whole world inside this game much like in real life with jealously, jobs, change and friendship.  This is where our story begins, Ralph wants to change his job from wrecker after seeing Felix get medals every game for fixing everything and the recognition that comes with it.  He now has to figure out how he is going to  accomplish his new goal. It will take the audience on an adventure of friendship and courage that the main character goes through. He must stand up for himself and convince others he can do it, while at the same time he makes a new best friend, Vanellope.

I thought the story carried adventure filled scenes and a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. I also thought the story progressed well and explained life inside their "world" of video games, very well. You see in each arcade game is a existing world with characters that live and play inside their world just like we do. They have parties, friendships, bad people, jealous people and some are trying to save the world. I loved the place called Game Central Station in the movie, it's a place where the characters can travel to any game. It did look a lot like Grand Central Station with the same goal in mind, a central hub to get where your going.

It was a great movie for all age groups, nothing too scary, very funny and a surprise at the end. It also had a very sweet ending that I thought brought all the characters together. I look forward to a sequel. Take the whole family and see this movie..

Join Us for the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Game Day Meet-Up at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort

Some of the Main Characters are "Wreck It Ralph" played by John C. Reilly, "Vanellope Von Schweetz" played by Sara Silverman, "Sgt. Calhoun" played by Jane Lynch, "Fix It Felix, Jr."  played by Jack McBrayer.

Ralph Helps Out A Few 'Forgotten' Friends At Game Central Station

Check out more here about Wreck It Ralph on the Disney site :

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  1. This movie looks cute, I bet my nephew would love this. I think I'll have to arrange a play date. Thanks for the review.