20 November 2012

Holiday Giveaway Time ~ iPieces for the iPad


Ready to WIN a really cool prize, It's called iPieces !! 
iPieces lets family and friends play great games together on the iPad! 

Enter NOW!!

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  1. Fun for all ages
  2. Easy to learn and use
  3. Make an iPad a game room
  4. Addictive ~ couldn't play just one round
  5. Found games work best when you slow down and take your time
  6. The fishing game brought back nostalgia from that old machanical game from my childhood. Love the fact that your fish could get stolen by a stork which added a new level of challenge to the game.
  7. Air Hockey couldn't be played as fast and furiously as I thought. It's hard to stay on your own side on an iPad, but when you are more methodical it is a lot of fun.
  8. Game retails for about $10 each. That's not bad at all considering you get the pieces and the app is free!
  9. This game would make a great stocking stuffer or could be wrapped and placed under the tree.

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  1. What a PERFECT Christmas gift for the sonny boys!!!!

  2. The Air Hockey game would be the hit of those college dorms!!

  3. Awesome- Good Luck Donna ;-)