16 November 2012

In The Cranberry Bog at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival

It had been a day I was most looking forward to for many weeks because, I was going to do something that was to be a most unique experience. I got to go into Ocean Spray's Cranberry Bog at Epcot the International Food and Wine Festival. It was one of the most exciting experiences I have had while at Disney. I was one of a few bloggers that was invited to tell of the experience and I also learned how important the Cranberry can be for a healthy life style.

So I brought my whole family and we were to meet at 7:15 in the morning at the entrance before Epcot opened. When we arrived the park was still kind of dark and it was empty. I had never been there that early before except, when we went to the Princess Breakfast in Norway. But this time it was also very memorable. Every time I go to Disney we make special memories and when you have the chance to get into one of the parks before hours, when no one is around, it's even more magical. You can take pictures without people in them and see the sun rise with monorail overhead.

After a few minutes of meeting everyone, it was time to put on the waders and I knew that's where the fun begins. In the back of my mind, I know they are not the most flattering outfit in the world but, they are waterproof.  They give you the freedom to get right into knee deep water and not get a bit wet. After we got them on now it was time to very carefully sit down on the box at the front of the bog and spin yourself around to get into the bog. You took your time so not slip into the water and I had my phone in my hand.

Once inside the cranberry bog I was amazed how serene a feeling it was. The cranberries were floating and it didn't seem to bother them having people in the water walking around. The feeling was like floating on air while I was in there, I loved it. I got to stay in about 30 minutes or so and then it was time to turn in the waders.

The Disney Cranberry Bog ~ A Few Fun Facts 

  • 1,500 pounds of cranberries were in the bog
  • That's 675.000 cranberries
  • They were switched 2x during the festival
  • This is the 2nd year Ocean Spray was doing the festival 
  • One of the Official Sponsors of the Festival 
  • Cranberry Vines grow around the Bog 

Thanks for joining me today, and I want to send a big Thank you to Ocean Spray and Disney for having me there.

I will be continuing with more Cranberry Bog reports ;-) Please go to the Ocean Spray website for more info/recipes.

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  1. What a terrific experience! (Did you get to keep the outfit?! :D)