11 December 2012

Inside The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

 I got the opportunity to go inside The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This new exhibit, which is a walk through attraction not a ride, was having a soft opening. I was fortunate enough to be in the park at the right time. I had had a feeling Disney might be allowing guests in to try it out before the official opening on December 6th and I was very happy to be right.

I love the outside of the building with the Pirate themed maps and writing and of course the Pirate flag with a Sparrow on it. (Don't miss that).

It looked like a long line but the wait wasn't actually too bad about 40 minutes. And as I wondered what it would be like inside the doors, they finally opened letting in a fairly big size crowd from the line. I can't even guess how many go in at a time, maybe 50-75, to see the show and all the Pirate decor. But, as you enter it's like a dark haunted house that you follow the hall way to where to stand in front of another door where a pirate skull now talks to you and asks you are you brave enough to be a pirate, to be in Capt. Jack's crew.

It was so cool the way it really looked like Jack Sparrow was on the boat in front of me. The props and sound effects were amazing.

As you enter into the next room to see Capt. Jack, it was gigantic, complete with Pirate Ship, remakes of the props from the Pirate movies and Capt. Jack himself with the talking pirate skull from before guiding us once again. I thought the whole show was amazing with the music and pirate battle going on right before our eyes. The whole show took about 20-25 minutes and just when the lights come on take a look around at all the props in the room, amazing.

One caution for the little ones, it is dark and loud in there.

Love all the Props
I took my son with me and we really enjoyed getting to see "The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow" and can't wait to go again and again.

I know there is so much to look at in this room and when it's dark your watching the show, so when the lights come back on you are suppose to leave but, you want to hang around and walk around this room to look at all the fascinating Pirate stuff.

Inside the Pirate Room

 Thanks again and Ahoy Mateys!!!!!!
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  1. Once again I am very jealous!! It sounds very cool!!

  2. I'm going to Disney in January and was going to skip Hollywood Studios, but I think you just reset my plans. This looks awesome!

  3. These ARE the best pix I have seen Diane; can't wait to see it (and YOU) in February!!!

  4. I really enjoyed the show. I wish I had taken the time to look around. There is soooo much detail.