17 December 2012

Meeting Gaston in New Fantasyland

It was a great day to be in the Magic Kingdom, we were on our way to the Passholder Preview of New Fantasyland  to see it first hand. All the new attractions that would soon be open to everyone, we got to see first. So, as you turn in your pass to the cast members and pass the New Fantasyland wall the first thing you see is Enchanted Tales with Belle on the left. It is in Maurice's Cottage and it is the cutest thing, perfect for meeting Belle. But, it is soon after that you see The Beast's Castle, so beautiful in its lavender/purple vibrant colors up on the top of the mountain.

As we passed it too, our next place to head into was Gaston's Tavern. I had heard a lot about the food and drink in there and the exquisite decorations. It did not disappoint, all the details especially the antlers everywhere was incredible. 

But, it was this guy below we wanted to meet, the man who is so into decorating his entire pub like a hunting trophy, Gaston. He was very intimidating for sure, he towered over all of us, I was thinking he was six foot five at least if not taller and very muscular. When he spoke he had a very deep voice and yes intimidating, he stares at you. He used the same phrases you have heard him say before from the movie. It was very cool meeting Gaston and yes he loves himself, lol.

Gaston being the macho guy he is decorates only with Antlers and believe me when you walk around his tavern you see a lot of antlers, he doesn't disappoint. It looked just like his tavern should rough and tough, people punching the walls, lots of cracks. Dart boards and darts thrown right into the walls, I guess LeFou missed and Gaston's BIG chair on the side of the fireplace.

If you get the chance to meet him, don't be shy, he loves meeting his Fans and taking pictures. He is very funny with the kids and he made me laugh.

Have a great, magical Day and thanks !!!

 Who Is Your Favorite Character you Have Met???

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  1. Wow, that's gotta be a tough character to cast for Disney. Six foot five and muscular? Can't have too many of those people on staff already. He looks great though, and so does his tavern. Very jealous that you got to see it all already.

  2. Thanks Steve, I know that's what I was thinking. Must have been looking for him for a while, lol. It's a great place can't wait to hear wait you think of it ;-)

  3. I was looking at these pictures and tears streamed down my face. Claudia and her sisters aren't with him yet. But I saw that vinyl figures of them are being sold in the park, and a few months ago I contacted Disney World's guest services department about their meetability.