06 December 2012

PopCap Games Swag GIVEAWAY !!

 If you love Popcap Games like chuzzle, bejeweled, bookworm and plants v. zombies then you are gonna want this prize!!! These games are so much fun, I play Bejewled all the time and can't get enough of it. They are irresistible.. Leave a comment below which one is your favorite ??

PopCap Games swag (this is a hodge podge of AWESOME swag including shirts, action figures, a lunch box and a calendar!)

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  1. Plants. Zombies don't eat plants. Zombies eat people. Plants will survive it all!

    1. And my favorite PopCap game is Plants vs Zombies!

  2. people because we can think and use plants to eat and zombies would die

  3. Plants! They aren't eaten by zombies and they can multiple faster to surround the zombies!