20 December 2012

The Boardwalk Resort's Incredible Christmas Displays

One of the best times of Year to visit Walt Disney World is Christmas Time. My family and I are fortunate enough to live close by and visit often but, before that this time of year was our favorite time to plan our vacation. The decorations are amazing to say the least, the Cast Members do an amazing job with all the details. And we love looking for Hidden Mickey's even in the Holiday decorations.

 I Love this display, It's one of my Favorites and I wanted to share it!!
 The Boardwalk resort located near Hollywood Studios is one of my favorites for Spectacular Decorations and Lucky for us it is our DVC Home Resort ~ If you get the chance to go around to some of the deluxe resorts, check out there Holiday Decor..
 That is Donald Duck stuck in the chimney, we got a big laugh out of this display and coming to Disney stirs many feelings of joy, love and humor. Glad they can accomplish all that because, there are some days I just need a laugh.
Love this Giant Gingerbread House in the lobby of The Boardwalk. Inside they were selling a gingerbread kit to take home and make your own. Stitch was on top of this house in giant form and looking very mischievous.
Along with the gazebo at the Boardwalk Resort, there’s Stitch’s Bakery Storefront, an-8-foot-tall replica of the Boardwalk Bakery that Stitch has taken over (you’ll see Lilo too)

 Look here for the Hidden Mickeys - not to hard. lol. Love all these colorful presents ..

 The details courtesy of Disney ;-)

Fifty pounds of icing, 402 sugary flowers, 301 pounds of chocolate and 2,012 pieces of gingerbread – those are the ingredients for just one gingerbread display at Walt Disney World Resort: the life-size, edible,Yes Edible (can you imagine how long it would take to eat the whole thing)  holiday gazebo in the grand lobby of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Like Santa’s elves, the Disney chefs work many, many hours to create these spectacular sugary showpieces.  – also at the Boardwalk inside this giant Gingerbread House you can also buy miniature gingerbread houses, stollen bread, gingerbread shingles and a limited edition pin featuring Stitch.

 You can see the gazebo and bakery through January 5.

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