24 December 2012

The Disney Parks Christmas Parade ~ 2012

It was so exciting to get tickets to the taping of the Disney Parks Christmas Parade a few weeks ago, it was being taped by ABC over three days Nov 30-Dec 2. We arrived early as we were instructed to and dressed in our Disney Fashion best with everything Disney we could think of pins, hats, red, green and Disney shirts. There was a possibility we would be on TV after all and we wanted to show our Disney pride.

Here Are Some Pictures From That Day!!

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom where the taping was going on, the crowd was not to bad. I would say average certainly I have seen worse like at the Passholder Preview for New Fantasyland. I rate the crowd as soon as I get the MK parking lot and depending how far back we are I know how many people are already here.

When we got to the entrance of MK, we went through a special entrance for people with tickets for the taping and then escorted them in the gates and we were instructed to head for the castle standing area. Main street was already lined up with people behind the ropes. The TV cameras were all at the front of Main Street, along with he stage, where Phil Phillips would be playing in a few hours.

When we arrived at 9 a.m. the taping was already happening because, as we got close to the Castle I could see a big crowd on the left and It was roped off so we couldn't get to close. As we watched and took pictures there wasn't many people around and we noticed Maria Menounos was taping her part of the show with spectators all around her. 

So now we picked our spot to wait for the parade to start. It would be about 3 hours before that would happen and the Flyover was at 11 a.m., that was so cool. It was  a lot of waiting on this day, TV does not move quickly.  But it was so much fun, this was one of the best parades I have seen at Disney and can't wait for Christmas Day to see it on TV. ;-)

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