31 December 2013

Wordless Wednesday - #HappyNewYear

Focused on the Magic

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome to this week's Wordless Wednesday - These are Scenes from Lights, Motor, Action at Hollywood Studios. We got to enjoy this last weekend and the show couldn't be better - I found no matter where you sit it's a good seat but I love being high up in the stadium because,  I can see the whole park ;-)

 A big Thanks to Deb for Hosting and check out all the great WW pics - http://www.focusedonthemagic.com/

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29 December 2013

Saw #Frozen and Loved it - My Review of a New Disney Masterpiece

Hope everyone had a great Christmas !!!

I recently got a chance to See "Frozen", Disney's newest animated movie. If you enjoy musicals in the classic Disney style "Frozen" is not to be missed! I went with my whole family and we all thought it was wonderful. My husband's first word's about it were "An Incredible; Visually Stunning movie" and I agreed, it was more than impressive, it was Very Impressive. The snow and ice, the vibrant blue and white colors made the background in this movie pop out on the screen. I would recommend this movie for everyone, the story was heart warming and the relationships were sweet, close and funny. Another thing I loved was the relationship between the sisters, Anna and Elsa. They had an amazing relationship and even though one sister (Elsa) started to pull away from the other, Anna never gave up on her sister. She had blind love almost and in the end it proved to be enough to save them both. I loved that about this movie; that you believe in someone so much that even when they have bad things said about them or they do bad things, she never lost hope that her sister was still good inside.

The story is about two Princess sisters (Elsa the Snow Queen and Anna her little sister) who grow up being close and then slowly come apart when one sister has a secret she can't share and it winds up becoming a secret she can't control anymore. She starts to not trust anyone and her sister doesn't  understand why she won't talk to her anymore. After Elsa runs away, Anna goes to find her and she meets a lot of new friends along the way including a talking snowman - Olaf, who is so funny. Olaf has some of the best lines, jokes and sense of humor that I have seen in a long time. A friend Kristoff, who she needs to help her find her sister because, he knows the great outdoors, it's where he grew up. Also in the cast of characters is his loyal BFF and very cute reindeer - Sven, who takes them all around in the snow and ice.

This is Truly a great movie all around and one more thing I loved, there's a ton of singing/songs in this movie more than in most Disney Movies I have seen in recent years. "Let it Go" is an amazing song and we have downloaded it on iTunes, you will love it! Enjoy and Thanks for stopping BY !

Disclaimer - I was invited by Disney Pictures to see this movie for free, understanding that I would review it. All opinions are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 

"Frozen" is Disney's 53th Animated Classic and is some what based on the Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale -  The Snow Queen. 

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DISNEY INFINITY: "North Pole" Top 5 Toy Box Countdown - Great Video

Five New User-Generated “North Pole Challenge” Toy Boxes Available Now for Disney Infinity!

Disney Interactive is releasing the winners of the Disney Infinity “Toy Box North Pole Challenge.” To get into the holiday spirit, players were tasked with bringing the North Pole to life in creative and exciting Toy Boxes. The top global Toy Box of the week is “North Hole Mini Golf“– Santa’s private 18-hole Christmas themed miniature golf course.
Winning submissions include:
·         North Hole Mini Golf – Enjoy 18 holes of Christmas-themed miniature golf on Santa's private course! 
·         Saving Christmas - Grumpy Elf has left Santa's Village and is trying to sabotage Christmas. Find him and return him to the North Pole.
·         Winter Express – Take the Blinks Winter Express and travel to the North Pole for some frosty fun. 
·         Santa's Workshop - Ever wanted to visit Santa's workshop at the North Pole? Now you can! 
·         Christmas Town - Explore the Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas Town! Visit Santa's workshop, race the Christmas train and more! 
As a refresher, directions on how to download new user-generated Toy Box worlds, as well as how to submit Toy Box creations are below.

28 December 2013

Very Cute Merchandise from Disney's Frozen

From Walt Disney Animation Studios film, Frozen, Disney Consumer Products has launched a new product collection of role-play items, plush stuffed animals, dolls, apparel, home d├ęcor, books and more that capture the family, adventure and fun from the movie at mass retailers nationwide, Disney Store and DisneyStore.com. - Enjoy ;-) This movie continues to be a hit with everyone and I know you'll love the Frozen Stuff TOO ! 

Highlights from the collection include:

·         Disney Frozen Musical Magic Elsa and Anna Dolls by Mattel (MSRP $29.99 each): Not only do these dolls feature glittery and glamorous gowns, but when you hold their hands, (or when they hold each other's hands), the dolls will magically light up and play enchanting music.
·         Disney Frozen Pull Apart and Talkin' Olaf by Just Play (MSRP $17.99):Everyone's favorite snowman comes to life in this adorable pull-apart plush. Olaf's nose, head and torso all temporarily separate and then safely rejoin, recreating memorable moments from the film. Olaf also speaks, with funny phrases from the movie.
·         Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset by Mattel (MSRP $99.99): This expandable set is double the storytelling fun with two gorgeous homes- Anna's castle and Elsa's Ice Palace. Children can enjoy all the movie-inspired furniture and play pieces, including a throne, bed, chaise, vanities, mountain slide and an Olaf figure.
·         Frozen Anna & Elsa Singing Dolls by Disney Store ($39.95): Melt the heart of every Frozen fan with these interactive Anna & Elsa Singing Dolls. With a simple wave of your hand, Anna the Ice Princess and Elsa the Snow Queen sing and magically light up in a frosted icy blue glow.
·         Anna Costume Collection for Girls by Disney Store ($14.95-$49.95): Send her imagination off to a wintry Frozen world of wonder in this Anna Costume Collection, including finely detailed costume with colorful layers of satin and organza covering a black velvet ''bodice'' decorated in flowers, matching boots and golden tiara, each sold separately.
·         Elsa Costume for Girls by Disney Store ($14.95-$49.95): She'll be the icy enchantress of any masquerade ball in our Elsa Costume Collection inspired by Disney's Frozen, including beautifully detailed, glittering costume, matching light-up shoes and silvery tiara, plus wig featuring glittering iridescent highlights and flashing light-up accents, each sold separately.

27 December 2013

THE SMURFS 2 Brings Holiday Cheer to Our #Troops - Great Moments


Armed with Christmas Trees & Gifts Galore,
Iconic Characters Give Military Bases a Bountiful Christmas

CULVER CITY, CALIF. (Dec. 9, 2013) Celebrating our U.S. troops, Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) announced today that the company is donating Christmas trees, ornaments and hosting events at select bases to help members of the military and their families kick off the holiday season. The events will feature, in addition to the gift giving, exclusive screenings of THE SMURFS 2 and appearances by two of the world’s favorite three-apple-high creatures.

Exclusive - "SAVING MR. BANKS" - #FREE iBook Gives Fans a Behind-The-Scenes Look

The SAVING MR. BANKS book is available for free, exclusively on iBooks !

Featuring Rare and Exclusive Archival Treasures, Recording Sessions from the Academy Award®–Winning Composers, an Interactive Timeline of Historic Walt Disney Studios Milestones, Storyboards, Video and More

BURBANK, CALIF. (December 10, 2013)  Walt Disney Studios announces the release of SAVING MR. BANKS: The Official Multi-touch Book, based on Disney’s highly anticipated film “Saving Mr. Banks,” in theaters December 20, 2013. Exploring the previously untold story of how Walt Disney worked his magic on author P.L. Travers to secure the rights to her book, “Mary Poppins,” the book includes a foreword by Academy Award®-winning composer Richard Sherman; never-before-seen correspondence between Walt Disney and P.L. Travers; rare storyboards and scripts from the Disney archives; an interactive timeline of historic Walt Disney Studios milestones; original recordings of the Sherman Brothers, performing their “Mary Poppins” hit songs; facts and profiles on the key characters in “Saving Mr. Banks”—all created by Apple’s  digital book creation app, iBooks Author.

The “Saving Mr. Banks” book is available for free, exclusively on iBooks at www.iTunes.com/SavingMrBanks.

Using Apple’s iBooks Author, the UK digital agency, Brandwidth was able to include video, audio and multi-touch interaction to create a robust storytelling experience. Readers can watch interviews featuring the cast and filmmakers, browse extensive photo galleries and explore the original storyboards and concept art—all in full retina detail. ‘Mary Popovers’ deliver fascinating facts throughout the book.

Two-time Academy Award®–winner Emma Thompson and fellow double Oscar®-winner Tom Hanks topline Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks,” inspired by the extraordinary, untold backstory of how Disney’s classic “Mary Poppins” made it to the screen.

When Walt Disney’s daughters begged him to make a movie of their favorite book, P.L. Travers’ “Mary Poppins,” he made them a promise—one that he didn’t realize would take 20 years to keep. In his quest to obtain the rights, Walt comes up against a curmudgeonly, uncompromising writer who has absolutely no intention of letting her beloved magical nanny get mauled by the Hollywood machine. But, as the books stop selling and money grows short, Travers reluctantly agrees to go to Los Angeles to hear Disney’s plans for the adaptation.

For those two short weeks in 1961, Walt Disney pulls out all the stops. Armed with imaginative storyboards and chirpy songs from the talented Sherman brothers, Walt launches an all-out onslaught on P.L. Travers, but the prickly author doesn’t budge.  He soon begins to watch helplessly as Travers becomes increasingly immovable and the rights begin to move further away from his grasp.

It is only when he reaches into his own childhood that Walt discovers the truth about the ghosts that haunt her, and together they set Mary Poppins free to ultimately make one of the most endearing films in cinematic history.

Disney presents “Saving Mr. Banks,” directed by John Lee Hancock, produced by Alison Owen, Ian Collie and Philip Steuer, and written by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith. Executive producers are Paul Trijbits, Christine Langan, Andrew Mason and Troy Lum.
Download book here:

All press materials can be downloaded from http://www.wdsmediafile.com/walt-disney-studios/savingmrbanks/

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Visit the official site here: www.disney.com/savingmrbanks

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy these great videos from Saving Mr. Banks ;-) 

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Fun Picks from #Saving Mr. Banks Premiere - Enjoy

Images from the premiere of SAVING MR BANKS at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA !

Hope you enjoy them and I love seeing picks from the premiere :-) 

26 December 2013

A Very Merry Christmas Day

Wishing Everyone A very Merry Christmas. Hope you had a great day and got lots of presents. 

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” 
―by -  Calvin Coolidge

 “At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.” From One of my all time favorite movies. 
“Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....” 
― Dr. SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Christmas is so special for me, I love spending time with my family and just taking the day off. We don't do any work, just play and try to all be kids for a day. Opening presents and looking for more under tree is the best feeling in the world.  I have included some of my favorite Quotes of the Season to inspire. Enjoy - and As Always, Thanks for stopping by ;0)

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22 December 2013

SAVING MR. BANKS - 3 Behind the Scenes Featurettes Now Available!!!

Saving Mr. Banks – “Tom Hanks” Featurette

YouTube Embed: 

Saving Mr. Banks – “The Music” Featurette

YouTube Embed: 

Saving Mr. Banks - "Story" Featurette

YouTube Embed: 

Now Playing #SavingMrBanks

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Visit the official site here: www.disney.com/savingmrbanks

Get To Explore the Art and Technology Behind Disney's #Frozen ~ New Update to Disney Animated App

The Disney Animated app was updated with all-new content from Disney’s newest feature film, Frozen – which I’m sure many of your readers have seen and enjoyed as it’s currently the #1 film in the nationWith the Disney Animated app, fans can discover the art and magic of animation that brought Anna, Elsa, Olaf and all their favoriteFrozen characters to life through exclusive behind-the-scenes access to concept art, character sketches, test animations and more!

Explore the Art and Technology Behind Disney’s Frozen with New Update to Disney Animated App

 Disney Animated was updated with all new content from Disney’s newest feature film and the nation’s #1 film,Frozen. The update lets fans discover how animators developed Frozen’s beloved characters and learn about the art and inspiration behind the Kingdom of Arendelle with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to concept art, character sketches, test animations and more! Users can also control Elsa’s magical snow using an authentic re-creation of the visual effects animation system used in the film to create their own animations which can be shared with friends via email or social media.

Disney Animated gives fans can an inside look at the art and technology that bring all Walt Disney Animation Studios films to life, from Frozen all the way back to 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The app features digital story chapters that are packed with fully interactive images, animated clips with flip-book style control, authentic Disney 3D character models that you can animate, a browsable timeline of all 53 Disney feature animated films, an interactive color map and more.

Download Disney Animated for the special price of $9.99 from the App Store or learn more at Disney.com/Animated.

A big thanks to Disney Interactive with this special news. Enjoy some Holiday Fun.

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Apple Names #Disney Animated iPad App of the Year for 2013

As you may have heard, Apple just named Disney Animated as the iPad app of the year for 2013

Disney Animated is a premium iPad app which gives fans unparalleled access to an astonishing amount of content, including text, art, sound, images, interviews and interactive activities, spanning all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios history, many previously unavailable to the public.  With over 90 years of innovative and beautiful animated moviemaking at your fingertips through the power of the iPad,Disney Animated truly represents the magic that can happen when art and technology converge. 

At $9.99, Disney Animated makes for the perfect holiday gift for art and animation lovers as well as Disney fans.

A big thanks to Disney Interactive for all the info.

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Holiday Recipe From the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin


PLEASE ENJOY THIS RECIPE FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON - This is one of my favorite cakes for Christmas - 

Ingredients For Flourless Cake:
7 ea. egg whites
1 cup + 2 Tbsp.sugar
8 ea. egg yolks
1/4 cup sifted cocoa powder
1. Using an electric mixer with wire whisk, whip egg whites with the sugar untill stiff peak forms.
2. Whip yolks untill light and fluffy. They will be pale yellow. Approximately 2 times in volume.
3. Fold whipped whites into yolks, then fold in sifted cocoa powder.
4. Place parchment paper on half sheet pan and spray with cooking spray.
5. Smooth mix evenly on half sheet pan.
6. Bake at 350 for 10-12 min. until sponge springs back when lightly touched.

Recipe continues 

20 December 2013

A Grand Opening of A New Dunkin' Donuts in Orlando

I had a great time last weekend at the Grand Opening of A New Dunkin' Donuts in Orlando. I was invited to come and have fun at the new store located at 8015 Turkey Lake Road in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando.

When we got there everyone was having a great time trying the different coffees, Donuts and ordering lots of delicious Breakfast Sandwiches. The menu includes a lot of the Dunkin' Donuts items you know and love ;-) but, many seasonal favorites too. 

For example, I enjoyed the Red Velvet Donuts and the Red Velvet Latte as my personal favorites. I couldn't believe how much they tasted like the Red Velvet Cake. So rich and moist and the coffee has the right amount of red velvet flavor in it.

As part of the grand opening celebration, they had many surprises for the kids that included Face Painting, a contest for a Donut Party for the local elementary school, free product samples, and entertainment. It was a very fun morning for everyone. And one thing I loved was there is a great big sitting area right outside of the Dunkin' Donuts to relax and enjoy the Florida weather with my coffee and donuts.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will stop by and visit this very delightful Dunkin' Donuts shop and try some yummy donuts with a delicious cup of "Joe".

Disclosure ~ I was invited as a guest to try some of the different foods and drinks at Dunkin' Donuts. All opinions are my own and were never influenced by anyone or anything - Thanks ;-)

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19 December 2013

The Likes and Dislikes of Saving Mr. Banks - My Review of #Disney's Newest Movie

Last week I got to see "Saving Mr. Banks" in a preview screening provided by Disney Parks Blog and I loved it. 

This Movie was a fascinating insight into getting the permission to make the movie "Mary Poppins" from the author P.L. Travers. She wrote about the famous nanny in her series of books and as the story goes Walt's daughters loved the books. Walt promises them he would make a movie about her but, now must convince the very reluctant author to give him the rights to do it.

I must say there were parts of it I didn't expect. Like - I wasn't expecting to see so much of P. L. Travers
back story. The movie focused a lot on her childhood and it was not a great one, very sad and depressing really. But, it does give great insight to how the stories of Mary Poppins came to be from the author's own family and why P. L. Travers was such a nasty person.

There was one thing I was disappointed with, I thought this movie would contain more about Walt Disney and his life. I got that impression from the previews and I was hoping this was going to be about those years in the 60's when he was trying to make "Mary Poppins". It is one of his greatest films and since I wasn't born yet, I wanted to see all the background, backstage and pre-production tidbits I could. Watching clips of Walt Disney has always fascinated me, he is a man that was a dreamer, an outside the box thinker, a person who was passionate about what he wanted and that's something I try to be like because there's not enough of that in the world. Walt was a man who was extraordinary and wanted to spread magic to families and I love that idea.

I thought the acting from everyone especially Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson was phenomenal, she truly deserves the Academy Award for portraying P. L. Travers. This movie is rated PG-13, and I do not recommend this film for young children, some material is not appropriate. I know my young son would have found it boring and not likable even though it is a Disney Movie, there is a serious subject and no cartoons ~ lol. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the Movie ;-) Let me know your thoughts in the comments ! A big thanks to Disney Parks Blog for having us.

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18 December 2013

Watch TV in Any Room with Bright House Networks TV

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bright House Networks for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bright House Networks is the sixth largest owner and operator of cable systems in the U.S. and the second largest in Florida with technologically advanced systems located in five states including Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and California. They also serve more than 2.4 million customers who subscribe to one or more of its video, high-speed data and voice services. The company also offers a full suite of phone, Internet, Ethernet and cable television services to businesses of all sizes. Bright House Networks is also very involved in many of the communitities it serves and workes hard to improve the lives of those in those communitities.

Bright House Networks TV (BHTV) has both a free app download the app here and a website. You can use it to view live HD programming anywhere in your house on your iPad, iPhone, and most Android devices. You can also access the website to view live BHTV programming on your computer. Another benefit is you can also view an on-screen guide that shows the programming available on your television set and schedule a recording to be saved to your Bright House Networks DVR, if you have one.

Some of the amazing features with Bright House Networks TV are that you can find what you want to watch with an easy-to-read channel guide. Customers can flip through the channel listing and enjoy what's on with just a slide and tap of your fingertip. You can enjoy networks like A&E, Discovery, Lifetime, Nick, SyFy, CNN, Disney Channel, HGTV, History, Travel Channel, USA and premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz.

Bright House TV works within the range of your home’s wireless network. So, whether you want to watch Food TV in the kitchen, the game out in the garage or a movie in that quiet spare room, you have the flexibility to take your TV anywhere you are in your house.

Also, BHTV is a free service available to all Bright House Networks video customers.
- Customers simply need to set up a MyServices account, also free, that provides authentication and allows access to BHTV
- The Apple and Android apps can be downloaded at either the Apple App Store or Google Play respectively
- To view on your computer, go to https://bhtv.brighthouse.com

If you have more questions please visit their FAQ's- Here @BHTV’s FAQ

Currently, there are approximately 250 channels available through BHTV with more channels being added every month.

Be sure to check them out on Twitter too -  https://twitter.com/BrightHouseCare

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Bright House Networks TV -  in any room and on any device. I love this idea because, it's convenient and very cool that I could watch TV on my computer or iPad no matter what room I'm in.

Make Any Room a TV Room!


Visit Sponsor's Site

Wordless Wednesday - #Disney Letter "R" Ready for #Christmas

Focused on the Magic

 Welcome To this Week's Wordless Wednesday - READY for Christmas

 Here are some Ornaments on my Christmas Tree and Disney Houses from my Village.

 A Big Thanks to Deb for Hosting - Follow along and join the Hop @ http://www.focusedonthemagic.com/

Merry Christmas Everyone !

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16 December 2013

Win A Minnie Mouse Hydro Canteen And Lots More Disney Prizes at the #HoHoHo Giveaway Hop

Happy Holidays and Welcome to my Disney Giveaway of a Few Fun Things. One Winner will Receive all of the following as one group prize from CanDoItMOM.com -  (1)  Minnie Mouse Hydro Canteen, (1) Cool WDW Bag (1) 2013 car decal, (1) 2013 magnet clip (1) 2013 key chain and (1) Goofy Pen.
*The Minnie Mouse Water Canteen is leak-proof, No Sweat, BPA Free, 18 oz, Double wall Insulation and is by Zak Designs. Perfect to take on your Disney Trips.

I've Teamed up with a few other Disney Bloggers to spread some Holiday ChEAR with you in our  *Happy Holidays Giveaway Blog Hop * Each Blog In The HOP Has a Different Giveaway So be Sure and Check them All Out Below. 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway
 The giveaway is open to United States residents only, ages 18 yrs old and up.
Once all the entries are verified to be in in compliance with the terms of the giveaway, the winner will be drawn by Rafflecopter. The lucky winner will be sent an email and announced right here on http://www.candoitmom.com/, so check back to see if you have won!  Make sure that you provide an email address that you check regularly.The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize via email.
Now Win More Prizes By Clicking Below -
 Enter to win Disney prizes at each blog stop on the Happy Holidays #HoHoHo Giveaway Blog Hop from 12/16 to 12/26

 Thanks for stopping by and Good Luck !!

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My Family's Holiday Evening at The Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort

 Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of being inviting to the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando. This beautiful resort is located on the Walt Disney World property and is close to Downtown Disney. Before arriving I had never been there and didnt know much about this resort, so I wanted to check it out. Since, it is very close to Walt Disney World I wanted to know if it was a good choice to stay at in the future.

When I pulled up to the front of the resort I was wowed. It was decorated for Christmas so beautifully and the lights were amazing. The bright beautiful lights glistened inside the lobby and the warm feeling was so inviting. Santa was also there taking pictures with the everyone. Our family loved seeing Santa and couldn't resist getting a pic too. When all four of us went up to see Santa he joked with my kids. He was one of the best Santa's I have seen, he had a wonderful sense of humor and knew how to interact with children. My daughter being a teenager didn't feel it was cool to get a pic with Santa and he got that feeling from her. She was very shy about it but, it didn't stop him from joking with her about the picture being put on the internet for her friends to see. It was so funny and our picture was beautiful, a great family memory for us.

Also in the lobby was a hot cocoa stand, where guests were treated to a cup of cocoa with topping such as marshmallows, butterscotch chips and whipped cream. We all loved it especially my son, he's 11 and just loves cocoa more than life itself. I think he enjoyed it the most and went back for seconds, lol.

As we made our way through the beautiful lobby and looked at all the places to sit and relax I noticed there was a Disney Store located at the end of the hallway. I thought that was amazing, to see it in this resort. But as I looked around I did notice a lot of Mickey balloons, so I knew there were many Disney guests staying here.

And with it's close proximity to WDW, it makes a great choice as a place to enjoy your vacation. They also have a great little restaurant called Zeta. It had drinks and Sushi, which we loved.

I was very impressed with  the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort and I hope you will check them out in your future plans. You can Visit them here @http://www.hiltonbonnetcreek.com

Thanks for stopping by and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the resort or Walt Disney World.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Hilton Bonnet Creek for a night of Holiday fun. To enjoy meeting Santa and participate in making bricks for the charity Give Kids The World. In no way was I ever influenced by the generosity of the resort. All my opinions are my own. 

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13 December 2013

Lots of Pics of The Disney Parks #Christmas Parade Taping at Walt Disney World

With Christmas just a few short days away, I wanted to share some pics from last weekend's taping of the Disney Parks Christmas Parade airing on Christmas Day. It takes a lot to put this grand parade together try 3 days of taping all day and this year was a hot one. Still, above average temperatures didn't keep diehard Disney fans away though. Lots of iced coffee from Starbucks was drank that day. Our family got to enjoy one day of seeing the festive floats, balloons and lots of interesting costumes at the taping.
Hope you enjoy this sampling of pics from the parade, we took hundreds being there for hours and it was great to see Neil Patrick Harris, hosting the parade and in person at the Magic Kingdom Park.

Additional Performances Include - English-Irish boy band The Wanted, “American Idol” winner Candice Glover, Italian vocal trio Il Volo and Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Ne-Yo.

The Disney Parks Parade will air Christmas Day 12-25-13 at 10 am EST and 9am CST, MST and PST on ABC. The show will also air in Canada on the CBC Network and across the globe on the American Forces Network. 

Merry Christmas and don't forget to watch the Parade which celebrates 30 years of Holiday Magic this year!  Thanks for stopping by ;0)


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Character Encounters - A Holiday Pic with Olaf from #Frozen

Focused on the Magic

Welcome to this week's better late than never Wordless Wednesday. Since, I was a bit under the weather this week I took a break this Wednesday. But I love WW so here's one short and sweet. This was taken at one of my favorite places Downtown Disney  - where there is a great display with Olaf from "Frozen". I love the decorations here at Christmas time.

Property of CanDoItMOM.com

Thanks for stopping by and a really big thanks to Deb for Holiday Hosting - check out all the pics @http://www.focusedonthemagic.com

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Here's the Latest Buzz from Toys "R" Us - Exclusive Info on Getting those Holidays Gifts

Here's the latest Buzz from Toys "R" Us - 
Getting ready for the Holidays and looking for all those Techy Toys - Check out the latest from My favorite Toy Store and the only place to get great deals. 

Toysrus.com to Receive New PS4 & Xbox One Shipments Next Week
On Wednesday, December 18, Toysrus.com will release a new shipment of  PlayStation4 and Xbox One units, just in time for shoppers still on the hunt for these must-have items. Beginning at 9am ET, online shoppers will be able to purchase these highly sought-after entertainment systems, while supplies last.* Orders placed before 3pm ET on Thursday, December 19 are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.
Announcing the Next Exclusive Disney Infinity Power Disc
On Sunday, December 15, the next Disney Infinity Power Disc will debut exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at Toysrus.com. With Tron (Terrain) Power Disc, Infinity fans can make all in-game terrain objects Tron-themed.