08 February 2013

New 2013 WDW Souvenirs at Epcot

 One thing I love to see when I'm at Walt Disney World is the new souvenirs. It always amazes me the brand new things they have to take home after a great day having fun at the parks. As I wandered around Mouse Gear in Epcot, I recently found these great 2013 Disney logo products.  Mugs, tech stuff, phone cases, luggage, pins, T-shirts and vinylmations all with the 2013 on them. I love this new logo and think it's one of the Best in recent years. Here are some of the new goodies to buy :

Thought these were really cool - Look like Pan Am bags

Check out more Disney Items @http://www.disneystore.com/

Thanks for stopping by and what do you think is your favorite Disney Souvenir?? How much do you spend on them while on Vacation?

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  1. I love those PanAm style bags! I have two of the blue pint glasses- are these shot glasses? I can't tell what size the ones in the pic are...The pint glasses are great quality.

  2. Thanks for stopping by KJay Yes they are shot glasses. I love the Pan Am bags too

  3. I love those Pan Am bags and the T-shirts are adorable too!