20 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney History ~ Tapestry Of Dreams Parade

 This Week's Theme Is DISNEY HISTORY, and I choose this parade as a moment in Disney History !!!

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These pictures were taken at Epcot in January of 2003 ... I loved this parade and wish they would bring it back. It ended in March of 2003.  Read More History about the parade below the pics.


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The Tapestry of Nations parade at Epcot went around the World Showcase Lagoon from 1999 to 2001, after which it was re-themed as Tapestry of Dreams. The parade had a unity and world peace theme and featured a variety of large puppets and massive rotating drum units. The puppets were designed by Michael Curry who also designed the puppets for The Lion King on Broadway and a variety of Disney theme park shows. The leader of the parade was the Sage of Time, who was represented as a stilt walker in an elaborate costume featuring alchemy symbols, gold trim on a white robe, a staff, and a headpiece resembling a sun with a face.

The Puppets included:

Reverse Marionette, a large multicolored puppet with a little marionette being held in its arms.
Disc Man, a large character with discs within the body and dreadlocks. This was the heaviest and tallest of all the puppets.
Hammer Man, a humanoid character made of pieces of sheet metal.
The Sprite, a winged character with a three tiered tail.
Angel Girl, a feminine figure with a massive wingspan and human face.
Wiggle Girl, similar to Angel Girl, but had a smaller wingspan and lacked a face, also had movement in the hips.
Bird Man, with a large wingspan and a crane-like face. This puppet was the hardest to control.
Aztec Man, with an Aztec-style head, small wingspan and several flaps at its end, similar to kite tails.

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  1. Diane, these pics are great- I love reading about this parade! I never had the chance to see it myself, so I appreciate the detail you included...

  2. Great shots! I still miss that parade.

  3. So fun!! Wish this was still in existence!

  4. Great shots, Diane! I really miss this parade although it used to freak out my son. Those characters were really big! Thanks for sharing and for joining in the DWW Blog Hop fun.

  5. Thanks Deb :-) Yes they were but so colorful

  6. Thank you - me too

  7. Thanks Melissa, me too

  8. Thank you - and it was a very unique and fun parade

  9. Awesome pictures Diane!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Those pictures are so cool! I love everything Disney does and am always sad to see things go - but then I tend to love what they bring so I just want them to have it all apparently. :)