25 March 2013

Building A Light Saber - Fun for the Star Wars Fan

Over the weekend, we had a great time at Downtown Disney. After having a great dinner at the restaurant T-Rex, we went down to "Once Upon A Toy".  Now I have been in this store before of course, but I know it was some time ago. It had been years probably since, I had stopped in and bought a box of Mr. Potato Head parts. They have a huge selection of Disney themed hats, signs and accessories. They have everything there for your children's enjoyment and your's too. The walls, ceiling and displays have so much to look at from Hidden Mickeys to Murals of your favorite Movies. But that's not why we were there.

 I guess there comes a time in everyone's life to make yet another Star Wars Light Saber. Yes, this wasn't our first, nor our second either, so I asked my son a very dumb question, Do you really need another one? And as you probably guessed "YES"was the answer. Well since my hands were filled with bags, I instructed him he would be on his own creating this new masterpiece and that if all else failed there were step by step instructions he could follow numbered on the display. So, as he began building it, the excitement grew on his face. It was in the middle of building he then became unsure of how many pieces he could add on to the handle, because he wanted them all. We then asked a nice Disney Cast Member to help him. They are always delightful and were very knowledgeable, thank goodness, about the building of your personal lightsaber masterpiece.

When it was finished it looked really great.  It was a really exciting time and he had a blast building it from scratch. I really enjoyed watching the smile on his face because, what better reward for a parent and child than to do something you love.

Hope you will stop by and build one of your own and let me know what your experience was like.

You can build either a 1 or 2 sided ~  Star Wars Light Saber and the pricing is $21 for the 1-sided and $24 for the 2-sided. The Light Sabers Come in the colors red, green or purple. 

May The Force Be With You!

Thanks for stopping by ~
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  1. Is it weird that at the age of 31 I want to go build a light saber?

  2. Not really, it's a lot of Fun !! thanks for stopping by