08 March 2013

D23's Fanniversary Comes To Orlando - Finally !


I have been looking forward to the next Fanniversary since the last years was over. I caught the tour in May 2012 in NYC and I loved it. Not only did I see a lot of Hidden Pictures and Archives but, I got to here the Magic behind it all

The D23 Fanniversary Tour 2013 will be just as Fantastic if not better this year. And there are so many Anniversaries in the Walt Disney Company this year. The Anniversaries will be a stroll down memory lane, some very exciting stuff. These Anniversaries will be discussed in How they are today with a glimpse of their past. 

For example: Oswald - from last year to comparing him to as he was in the archives. 
I had another great Interview with the Manager of Marketing for D23 Jeffrey Epstein.Who told me D23 is putting together some Incredible Experiences for D23 members with more info coming  Later this Spring. Some of the highlights coming the Mary Poppins Art Contest, Disney Legends interviews and a D23 Day at the Walt Disney Studios and Archives. There will also be more member discounts on the way. Jeffrey says "We love to give our Disney members great perks and offers, it's a nice was to expand the D23 experience. 

This year there will be more surprises for guests and more interaction. We will be seeing stuff for the first time

There will be special treasures on display from the Walt Disney Archives, (some really cool stuff) and you will be allowed to take pictures. That is great news.

My Questions
Recently I got to see the movie premiers of "Wreck It Ralph" and "Peter Pan" on the big Screen as part of D23 Perks, so my question was are there more coming?
A: Yes, they are looking forward to doing more Movie Screenings

Q:   Any details on the upcoming D23 Expo in August?
A:  Additional Announcements will be coming Later this Spring

And a Big Thanks To Jeffrey Epstein for talking with me again!

 More Highlights from the Show
30th Anniversary of Epcot’s Horizons
A collection of medals and patches from the Audio-Animatronics® figures in the attraction will be on display in Orlando and Chicago.

D23 will be sharing rarely or never-before seen photos and videos from the Walt Disney Archives, including this image of Mickey Mouse from the never-produced short Mickey’s Toothache.

 Here's a recap of the shows already delighting Disney fans across the country.

Within this show, the audience will journey through Disney moments that have delighted generations of fans, including such beloved movies as Peter Pan, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean film; classic characters including Mickey Mouse and Chip and Dale; favorite attractions and entertainment spectaculars at Disney parks such as Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Horizons, and Mickey’s Toontown; the openings of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland; the launch of Disney Channel; the launch of Disney Cruise Line; and the momentous founding of The Walt Disney Company, in 1923!

So if you didnt make it this year, don't miss anymore fun and join the best club D23!

Thanks for joining me today and to Join D23 click HERE

Info Courtesy of D23

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