22 March 2013

Review of Oz The Great and Powerful DVC Preview!

 Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-100

 Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-22

We had the pleasure of seeing the soon to be released OZ ~ The Great and Powerful Movie over the weekend. It was a special showing for Disney Vacation Club members and their families. This is just one of the great reasons we love to belong to DVC; the perks are great! The showing was at Epcot in between United Kingdom and Canada at the World Showplace. It's a big convention style building with large rooms for movie showings and other special events.
Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-23

When we entered, of course since the movie is not out yet, all our electronic devices were taken, phones, cameras, etc. But, I was in awe of the inside with it's great posters of the movie and the green glow for Emerald City, that came from the movie room. There were OZ t-shirts and glasses given away as prizes to trivia questions about the Movie and the Actors.

Some of the Oz Movie Trivia
Q - How many books were written by L. Frank Baum's about OZ?

Q - What was the Last book he wrote called? 
A ~ "Glinda of OZ"

Q - What is the name of the circus that "Oscar Diggs" performs in?
 A - The Baum Brothers Circus named after the author of the books.

Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-70

My family and I loved the movie! We got to see to it in 3D which made the effects more spectacular. It was visually stunning, the costumes that Oz, Theodora, Evanora and Glinda are wearing in the movie are beautiful. The special effects were incredible, it truly looked like a fairytale place and traveling on the yellow brick road was an adventure.  And not to give to much away, it has similarities to the original "Wizard of Oz" with the familiar places and the familiar characters but in many ways this new Oz has a lot of twists and new plots to it. I would call it more of a pre-quel, before Dorothy gets there.

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It was about 2 1/2 hours long and it starts out as a black and white film which really through my kids for a loop, when I told them all movies when they were first made were in B & W.  I had been trying to figure out for weeks which one of the 3 witches was the wicked one (the green one) you see in some of the posters but couldn't really tell. That isn't revealed right away and I was surprised when it does happen.

Pictures Courtesy of Disney Destinations.

 Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-261

It was a great addition to the movie event doing Trivia. It was before the movie was shown with Disney Cast Members and I really wanted that OZ T-shirt, lol.

Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-347

 Orlando Paparazzi: Oz Screening at DVC &emdash; DVC-Oz-Screening-33

And after it's release more than 2 weeks ago, it's been Number 1 at the Box Office. So Movie Goers don't forget to put it on your movie to see list 
 "Oz The Great and Powerful"  !!

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  1. Wow, what an experience! I can't wait to go see this, thank you for your review

  2. Thank you Casey for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the movie :-)