11 April 2013

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

It's one of the most magical times at Disney when the parade is about to start. Luckily for me this one is one of my favorites. This parade offers a lot of your favorite Disney Characters but, on this day I was very interested in seeing the Princesses. They are always on beautiful floats and in in such beautiful dresses. Yes, I wish I could have dressed up as a little princess but, I guess it's never to late. You can tell who some of my favorites are and my daughter's too. I was lucky enough to get her to dress up and go to the parks when she was little, it is a great experience. The Princesses love meeting their fans especially, the ones who dress like them.

I love some of the expressions on them - keep that camera clicking, you never know what funny shots you might get or truly beautiful ones too. 

I find the best viewing is on Main Street, USA especially in front of the Firehouse, this is where the parade ends and all the floats go behind the big wall next to the firehouse. Other viewing spots include: Frontierland, Plaza Landing (To the right of Cinderella's Castle), Central Plaza (In front of Cinderella's Castle).

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy!! 

What's your favorite Disney Parade?

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1 comment:

  1. I'd have to say this was my favourite parade... except perhaps the light parade for a bit of sparkel! Great blog xx