15 April 2013

The Best Money Saving Tips at Disney

Jambo House
Savannah at Jambo House
This post was from March 2012 and the topic was money saving tips and /or the best value at a Disney Park.  So my number one pick was,  the Extra Magic Hours that are included with park admission (for resort guests) not only adds to the fun and excitement but, can really save time and give you more value for your money. Below are some great pics of Animal Kingdom Lodge which is beautiful in it's Landscape but, also has a Savannah for their guests to 

enjoy. Again a great value for your money staying with a Disney resort because they are themed and this one especially you feel like you are on Safari. The animals are great and the pictures you get to take back with you home are lasting memories. The decor inside this resort is amazing, so authentic of an African Village you feel like you are there and you have only traveled to Florida. There are many values in staying at a Disney resort.

Don't forget to tell me your money saving tips for Disney, I always like to save.

 Thanks For joining me today !

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  1. Thanks for linking up this week, Diane! Great tips, and I agree about staying at a Disney resort. There are so many great benfits that it brings extra value to the money you spend!