30 May 2013

New Pictures from "Thor 2" - The Dark World

Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, 
as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. 
In the aftermath of Marvel's "Thor" and "Marvel's The Avengers," Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos
...but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. 
Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous 
and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to 
save us all. 

 They look like there having a blast filming Thor 2.
 Thor 2 First Look Blog

The film releases November 8, 2013. And I can't wait !
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
More Images from Thor 2 -

Thor & Malekith Enter the Dark World in New Images

Christopher Eccleston stars as Malekith in Marvel's Thor: The Dark World
Malekith's army in Marvel's Thor: The Dark World

 Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Sif (Jaimie Alexander) on the battlefield in Marvel's Thor: The Dark World

Star Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on set of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World
 Thanks and Have a Great Day !

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Special logo apparel, product debuts, artist signings, and a new silent auction
will highlight the Ultimate Disney Event for Fans and Families August 9-11

BURBANK and ANAHEIM, Calif. – May 30, 2013 – Bursting with D23 Expo-themed official merchandise and other specialty items from Disney Theme Park Merchandise, the D23 Expo Dream Store returns with something magical for Disney fans of all ages. From Disney-inspired apparel, art and collectibles, accessories, books and more, the D23 Expo Dream Store is a Disney enthusiast’s dream come true.  Highlights include:

DreamStoreDonaldOfficial D23 Expo Merchandise will allow Disney fans to take home a piece of the magic from this year’s expo, with an assortment of official D23 Expo inspired merchandise including tees, baseball cap, fleece, jewelry, drink ware, accessories, pins, and Vinylmation™.

HARVEYS Seatbeltbags® are sure to make a statement at this year’s D23 Expo.  This new collection which features Sorcerer Mickey, classic D’s and more on some of HARVEYS most popular silhouettes, were created especially for this year’s 2013 Expo.

Disney Theme Park Merchandise will showcase some of its newest releases from Disney licensees and artists, including ACME Archives Limited, Dave Avanzino, Disney Design Group, Dooney & Bourke, Duffy the Disney Bear, Noah, Robert Olszewski, Precious Moments, Linda Rick, Jim Shore, and more.

ACME Archives Limited invites guests to make the magic come alive in your home with the latest releases from Disney•Pixar, Disney Studio Art, Disney Limited, Disney Underground and more.

Disney Design Group highlights a new Signature Collection of artwork including four captivating pieces filled with imagination, which bring to life Sorcerer Mickey and some of Disney’s most beloved characters.
Disney Dream Collection and D23 Expo-Exclusive Jewelry will dazzle audiences with a sparkling new selection of fine jewelry debuting as part of this year’s D23 Expo and featuring classic Disney icons and characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell, among others.

DreamStoreDarrenWilsonDream Store Autograph Sessions will give Disney fans the opportunity to meet and greet some of their favorite authors, artists, Disney Legends and other notable celebrities. Autograph sessions will be posted daily at the D23 Expo Dream Store.

D23 Expo 2013 Silent Auction offers Disney enthusiasts the rare opportunity to bid on unique artifacts, artwork, experiences, props and more. The D23 Expo 2013 Silent Auction takes place Saturday, August 10, 2013. Tickets for the Silent Auction go on sale June 11, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific) via www.ArtofDisneyParks.com. Separate D23 Expo admission is required.

Please continue to watch as we release more details about Dream Store merchandise offerings, silent auction lots, and more on www.Disney.com/D23 and www.ArtofDisneyParks.com and on Facebook and Twitter at “DisneyD23”.

About D23 Expo 2013
The D23 Expo—The Ultimate Disney Fan Event—brings the entire world of Disney under one roof, providing attendees with unprecedented access to Disney films, television and theme parks. For the latest D23 Expo 2013 news, visit www.D23Expo.com. To be part of the D23 Expo conversation, make sure to follow @DisneyD23 and tag your tweets with #D23Expo.

About D23
The name “D23” pays homage to the exciting journey that began in 1923 when Walt Disney opened his fledgling studio in Hollywood. D23 is the first official club for fans in Disney’s 88-year history. D23 gives its members a greater connection to the entire world of Disney by placing them in the middle of the magic through its quarterly publication Disney twenty-three; a rich website at www.D23.com;  member-exclusive discounts and special events for D23 Members throughout the year, highlighted by the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, August 9-11, 2013.

Fans can join D23 at www.D23.com and at www.DisneyStore.com/D23. To keep up with all the latest D23 news and events, follow us @DisneyD23 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

 Love that Dream Store Picture! Can't wait to get to the D23 Expo, it's going to be an awesome time. I'm gonna need lots of Disney Dollars. And a Silent Auction with lots of Disney goodies is returning, I missed it 2 years ago and I'm so glad they are bringing it back. Thanks for stopping by D-Fans

And a big thanks to D23 for all the Info ..

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29 May 2013



The two Academy Award®-winning composers share the stage for one night only performing “The Disney Songbook” at the D23 Expo 2013, Saturday, August 10

This is very exciting news and I can't wait to see them! I just booked my trip to the D23 Expo and being able to see these 2 Disney Legends is a moment we won't forget. Thanks for stopping by :-)

BURBANK, Calif. – May 23, 2013 – For one night only, two of the world’s most celebrated songwriters and composers will take to the stage for “Richard M. Sherman and Alan Menken: The Disney Songbook.” The concert will take place at the D23 Expo 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center in the D23 Expo Arena on Saturday, August 10.

Together Sherman and Menken have won a combined 10 Academy Awards for their work with Disney, and have composed music and songs for more than three dozen Disney feature films, over two dozen Disney Park attractions and half a dozen Disney musicals on Broadway.

“I can’t express how excited I am that my esteemed friend Alan Menken and I will be sharing the same bill for the very first time,” said Sherman. “Alan is an incredible talent, and I know we’re both thrilled to be performing for Disney’s most ardent fans—they’re the best and I can’t wait to be a part of what promises to be a very special night for all of us.”

“Richard Sherman and I share so many things; our cherished association with The Walt Disney Company, the blessing of having the opportunity to share our musical talents with "children of all ages" and a genuine mutual admiration—but one thing we've never gotten to share is a concert stage,” said Menken. “This summer at the D23 Expo 2013, we will do just that. And I can't think of anyone I'd prefer to share that stage with. Richard, along with his brother Robert, wrote songs that filled my formative years with joy and fantasy. And, all these years later, I can say with complete honesty that there is no one I've met in our business who is more warm and generous than my friend and fellow songwriter, Richard Sherman.”

Admission to the concert will be on a first-come, first-served basis and is included in the price of a ticket to the D23 Expo. In addition to the 4,000-seat D23 Expo Arena, the concert will be simulcast into a 2,000-seat overflow theater inside the Convention Center.

Richard Sherman
Alan MenkenRichard M. Sherman and his brother Robert B. Sherman composed some of the most beloved songs in the Disney canon. The Disney Legends won two Oscars® for their work on Mary Poppins, and during their decades–long association with Disney they wrote more than 200 songs for 27 films and two dozen television productions. They made unforgettable contributions to such Disney films as The Parent Trap, The Jungle Book, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and the entire Winnie the Pooh series, as well as the family classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
They also penned beloved songs for Disney Parks including the theme songs for Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, it’s a small world, and Carousel of Progress. Richard wrote the song “Make Way for Tomorrow Today” for the blockbuster film Iron Man 2, and is working on a new stage musical based on Walt Disney’s 1967 animated film classic The Jungle Book, premiering this June at the Goodman Theater in Chicago.

With eight Academy Awards, Alan Menken has received more Oscars than any living person. He has written songs and scores for some of the world’s most beloved films: Tangled (Oscar nominee), Enchanted (three Oscar nominations) The Little Mermaid (two Oscar wins), Beauty and the Beast (two Oscar wins), Aladdin (two Oscar wins), Pocahontas (two Oscar wins), Hercules (Oscar nominee), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Oscar nominee), Little Shop of Horrors (Oscar nominee), Home on the Range and Newsies. His song “Star Spangled Man,” was the patriotic anthem of the 2011 hit film Captain America: The First Avenger.

Menken’s Broadway successes include his 2012 Tony Award® for Newsies, plus The Little Mermaid (Tony Award nominee), Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors, and Sister Act (Tony Award nominee). His other stage productions include King David, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and his latest stage production Aladdin: The New Musical, opening next year. At Disney Parks, Menken added an exclusive ballad (“To Be Free”) to his song score for Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney California Adventure and penned “Compass of Your Heart,” the catchy theme song for the attraction Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea

Tickets for the D23 Expo are available at a discounted price for a limited time. Though June 15, tickets are $52 for a one-day adult admission and $42 for children 3–12. Tickets for members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club are $45 for a one-day adult admission and $37 for children. Multi-day money-saving tickets are also available for both D23 Members and the general public, and D23 Members can save as much as $144 off the price of admission, based on the purchase of four three-day tickets at the D23 Member rate before June 15. For more information on tickets and the ticket pricing structure for members and general admission, visit D23Expo.com.

About D23 Expo 2013
The D23 Expo—The Ultimate Disney Fan Event—brings the entire world of Disney under one roof, providing attendees with unprecedented access to Disney films, television, and theme parks. For the latest D23 Expo 2013 news, visit D23Expo.com. To be part of the D23 Expo conversation, make sure to follow @DisneyD23 and tag your tweets with #D23Expo.

About D23
The name “D23” pays homage to the exciting journey that began in 1923 when Walt Disney opened his fledgling studio in Hollywood. D23 is the first official club for fans in Disney’s nearly 90-year history. D23 gives its members a greater connection to the entire world of Disney by placing them in the middle of the magic through its quarterly publication Disney twenty-three; a rich website at D23.com; member-exclusive discounts and special events for D23 Members throughout the year, highlighted by the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, August 9–11, 2013.

Fans can join D23 at D23.com and at www.DisneyStore.com/D23. To keep up with all the latest D23 news and events, follow us @DisneyD23 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

 I also want to Thank D23 for all the Info and Pictures !! If you have any questions please comment below!!!

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28 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Celebrating the U.S.A.

Focused on the Magic

 Welcome to this week's Wordless Wednesday !
This Picture celebrated the USA and all it's glory, Lots of Fireworks..

And Chip And Dale in their Frontierland Finest - Love them !

 Thanks for Coming on By and joining the FUN & A Really Big Thanks to my friend Deb for hosting and who I got to see at WDW last week.. Join the Hop @ http://www.focusedonthemagic.com/

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Finishing The World "Famous" Kitchen Sink at Disney's Beach Club Resort

 I couldn't wait to get to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at the Beach Club Resort to get a Famous "Kitchen Sink". If you are unfamiliar with them they are a Monster Ice Cream Sundae that pretty much includes everything you could think of on an ice cream sundae. I had heard about them many times from friends who had ordered them on their vacations and just tried to picture it in my mind of what it would look like. Well, I can tell you it was bigger and better than I thought.

It included ~ scoops of Chocolate,Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, a whole can of whip cream and every topping in the place, including brownies, cherries, peanut butter sauce, pieces of candy bars (milky way), sponge cake, Oreo cookies, hot fudge, bananas, sprinkles all served in a kitchen sink bowl. Amazing!

The menu said it Serves 4 but, it took 6 of us to "almost finish" it.  We came very close, just leaving the ice cream soup at the bottom and a few pieces of bananas and cherries. We can without a Disney doubt say we came, we ordered and conquered the "Kitchen Sink". It was delicious and the was the most awesome thing I had ever seen. It is truly a production when you order it and your waitress brings it to you. The lights dim in the soda shop, it gets dark and then yellow lights start flashing and then she announces it to the whole restaurant that your table is getting the "world famous kitchen sink". Then everyone applauded as you stare at this monster desert in front of you and it looks so good, how could you eat it?

Only kidding on that part, you can't wait to start digging in.


The Kitchen Sink seems a bit pricey for $28.99 but, if 4 people order a sundae 5.99- 8.49, pie/cake 6.50 ea, the Kitchen Sink seems like a bargain :-)  

Enjoy !! And Thanks for Stopping by Ice Cream Fans !!

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25 May 2013

DO you know anyone who is Sun-Sational? Ocean Spray's newest Contest

I wanted to share with you this great new contest from my friends at Ocean Spray.  And here it is ~ Ocean Spray has a new contest and they are looking for someone who makes your day just a little more sunny. Someone who is a"Sun-Sational" member of the community, someone who truly inspires everything they touch.

Here are the details:

Nominations should be at least 200 words, but no more than 500. Photos and video are welcome but not required. Important contest dates for your readers are:
·         May 20 – June 7: Nominations open at www.facebook.com/oceanspray
·         June 7: Submission deadline
·         June 28: Finalists announced; video profiles featured on Facebook
·         June 28 – July 11: Fan voting
·         July 12: Grand prize winner announced; winner (and nominator) receive sunny getaway anywhere in the continental U.S. (see Official Rules for complete details)

Perfect for Summer!
I have included some mouth-watering ways to enjoy the NEW Cran-Lemonade Juice Drinks, they can whip up the refreshing, flavorful Cosmo Pops, Cran-Lemonade Parfaits, and Stuffed Cran-Lemonade Cupcakes .

Online readers/fans can head to Ocean Spray’s Facebook page to nominate a friend, relative or community member for the chance to give (and receive for themselves!) a sun-sational summer getaway, compliments of Ocean Spray’s latest juice drinks, Cran-Lemonade, and JetBlue.

Cran-Lemonade Float

Cran-Lemonade Float


1 scoop lemon sherbet or lemon sorbet
4 ounces Ocean Spray® Cran•Lemonade™ Cranberry Lemonade Juice Drink
Soda water


In fountain glass, place sherbet. Pour cranberry lemonade over sherbet. Top with soda water.

Makes 1 serving.

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you love this contest as much I as do! Don't forget to comment about who inspires you :-)

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22 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Character Movie Stars ~ Star Wars

Focused on the Magic

Welcome to this Week's Wordless Wednesday. Today theme is Star Wars Character Movie Stars

 We had a really great time at the first Star Wars Weekend.. Hope you enjoy these pics.

 Thanks for stopping by and A Really big thanks to Deb and Mike for hosting !

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17 May 2013

Nicole by OPI ~ Announces 2 New Limited Edition Neon Mini Kits

 Notoriously Neon!

Nicole by OPI Announces ~ Two New Limited Edition Neon Mini Kits, the Brand’s First Neon Lacquer

 I'm so excited about these new Neon Colors from Nicole by OPI and I wanted to share the new colors and info about them with you. You know how much I love OPI and I love bright colors, so these are perfect for me. Hope you enjoy them as much as I will and tell me in the comments below which color/colors are your favorites?

Nicole by OPI launches its first neon nail lacquer with two limited edition mini kits. 
Scandalous! Neons includes vivid shades of blue, purple and pink while the Notorious! Neons includes vibrant shades of green, fuchsia and orange.
Each Neons kit includes a special white base coat, to be applied before adding color, allowing true neon pigments to pop. “These kits offer the hottest hues in a mini size to complement summer styles,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “Think of your nails as a blank canvas.  With these color combinations, there are endless options for creating works of art.”

In addition to the white base, Scandalous! Neons includes: Blue Neon (this blatant blue is deliberately belligerent), Purple Neon (this attention-seeking purple is a real publicity hound), and Pink Neon (this pink's purpose is to provoke your senses).
Along with white base, Notorious! Neons includes: Green Neon (this gossip-stirring green is the talk of the town), Fuchsia Neon (this fuchsia is famous for being unabashedly bold), and Orange Neon (this outrageous orange doesn't know the meaning of meek).

“The shades included in both sets are perfect for accessorizing fingers and toes with bright pops of color,” adds Weiss-Fischmann. “The first step is to apply the white base coat followed by the desired neon shade; finish with one coat of Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus to achieve intense neon color with a glossy finish.”

Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality.  Scandalous! Neons and Notorious! Neons mini packs will be available in stores beginning May 2013 for $10 each at retailers including Meijer, CVS, Duane Reade, H-E-B, Kroger, and ShopKo.  Top Coat Plus will be sold alongside the kits for $7.99. In Canada, the kits will be available for $12.50 each and Top Coat Plus for $10.99 at Loblaw, Jean Coutu, Rexall, London Drugs, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

For more information, visit nicolebyopi.com. Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPI and become a Facebook fan!

About Nicole by OPI:
Nicole by OPI offers a salon-quality range of bold, fashion-forward nail lacquers. The brand’s heritage is based in OPI’s well-established foundation of excellence in both color and technology, providing premium products to a broad range of consumers looking for trendsetting nail lacquers.

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16 May 2013

Official Press Release from D23 ~ A World of Disney Info opens up on a reimagined D23.com site



Members Will Have Online Access to Vast Array of
Exclusive Disney Content

Disney to Celebrate Expansion With New Free D23 Membership Level

http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/sites/default/files/D23_2013_MemberCard.jpgBURBANK, Calif. – May 16, 2013 – On June 17, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, will launch a massive reimagining of its D23.com website, opening up the wonderful worlds of Disney like never before to its members. The site will provide access to newly digitized content that delves deeply into The Walt Disney Company’s vault of material, past and present, along with exclusive glimpses of the future. The new gated content will be free to current D23 Members; plus D23 is launching a new free level of membership, which will include access to this incredible content. D23.com will continue to offer the latest Disney news free to all guests who visit the site. But D23 Members can unlock even more magic in each section by logging in and accessing content whenever a golden key is shown.
We’re creating a unique destination that celebrates, in all respects, the essence of Disney,” says Steven Clark, head of D23. “We believe the new site will offer one of the most engaging Disney experiences yet—with even more to come in the future. We look forward to debuting the new D23.com to our current members as well as to new ones from around the world.”
The reimagined D23.com will feature exclusive celebrity interviews; vintage film clips; rarely seen artwork and photography; treasures from the Walt Disney Archives; behind-the-scenes previews of new movies and theme park attractions; and more.
Website highlights at launch will include:
·      23 Questions We enhance our popular feature with audio interviews with Once Upon A Time star Ginnifer Goodwin who reveals her Disney favorites—and what she’s looking forward to in the next season of the hit ABC show. Plus an exclusive with Phineas and Ferb’s popular “evil mastermind” Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz, who talks about his truly devious plans… and Christmas.
·      D’scovered Treasures unearthed by the Walt Disney Archives. In the coming weeks the Archives will share extremely rare imagery from the proposed Mickey Mouse Park, a concept which evolved into Disneyland; spine-tingling alternative dialogue for the Haunted Mansion penned by Disney Legend X. Atencio; the illustrated story script for “The Karnival Kid,” the 1929 short in which Mickey Mouse first speaks; and a very special memento created for Walt by legendary artist Salvador Dali.
·      Disney A to Z A complete and newly-updated electronic version of the definitive Disney encyclopedia with more than 7,000 entries written by Dave Smith, founder and Chief Archivist Emeritus of the Walt Disney Archives
·      D23 Presents A deeper dive into all parts of Disney from the opening of Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland to rarely seen footage of the former Disney Studio on Hyperion Avenue.
·      Disney Legends and the Walt Disney Archives Two new microsites; Disney Legends will provide a deeper look at those who’ve made significant contributions to the Disney legacy, and the Archives site will open up the doors of this venerable institution so D23 can share more of The Walt Disney Company’s expansive collections.
In addition, new departments and sections include: Weird Disney, looking at some of the more unusual and outrageous pieces of Disney’s past; Characters, profiling the most beloved characters from television, film and comics with concept art and complete biographies; The Quotable Walt Disney, a digitized version of the out-of-print book featuring some of Walt’s most enduring words; Ask a Legend, a video feature in which Disney Legends like Marty Sklar answer fans questions; First Look, which gives members a glimpse into what’s new and what’s next including Monsters University; Attraction Rewind, celebrating the beloved attractions of Disney’s past which once delighted theme park guests; and Muppetology, which opens up the Muppet-acular universe of our fuzzy friends. D23’s popular video series Armchair Archivist and Disney Geek will also return with all-new episodes.
And that’s just the beginning—on launch day, D23.com will reveal even more surprises.

D23 Free Membership will include:
Members-Only Website Content: Access to all exclusive content on D23.com.
• Exclusive Merchandise: D23 offers its members access to exclusive, limited-edition merchandise and collectibles.
• Subscription to Weekly D23 FanFare E-newsletter with breaking news and special offers. (You may opt out of receiving FanFare after your first e-newsletter arrives.)
• Discounted tickets to the D23 Expo 2013: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event (For more information click here.)
 I am so excited about this new updated website. Getting more of what we love and new tidbits about all things Disney, I mean awesome. I'm especially excited about the new depts. and sections for Weird Disney, Ask a Legend, The Muppets and First Look, all things I have always wanted to know about and now it looks like we have gotten it. I always want to know what's next and look at what's in the WD Archives because, I love the old stuff too. Hope you enjoy this info and don't forget to join D23 to get in on all the Disney News!! Thanks for joining me :-) 
And a big thanks to D23 for all the info !

About D23
D23: The Official Disney Fan Club celebrates the remarkable past, present, and future of Disney, taking its name from 1923, the year Walt Disney founded his world-famous company. D23 brings its members a host of exclusive benefits, including a weekly e-mail newsletter; an array of discounts and special offers; and exclusive, member-only special events.

Disney fans can join the world’s only Official Disney Fan Club by visiting www.D23.com or www.DisneyStore.com/D23. To keep up with all the latest D23 news and events, follow “DisneyD23” on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


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14 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ The Letter "K"

Focused on the Magic

Welcome to this week's Wordless Wednesday featuring Disney  "K" Pictures.
 Hope you enjoy these K's ~ Kids and Konk Kooler from the Disney Cruise Lines ~ Castaway Cay.. Enjoy !! And Gnome Mickey cause I thought it looked cute :-)

 A really big thanks to Deb and Mike for hosting! Check out more pics @http://www.focusedonthemagic.com/

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Disney's Club Penguin Waddles onto iPad w/ My Penguin App

 Here's the 411 on Disney’s Club Penguin App, Waddling onto the iPad...

Disney’s Club Penguin, the #1 virtual world for kids, is coming to iPad today with the new My Penguin app available for free download. With the app, Club Penguin’s millions of players will be able to access some of their favorite games and activities from the virtual world and earn coins and items for their penguin on the go. When connected to Wi-Fi, My Penguin will sync with the virtual world in real-time, allowing players to transfer items and coins that they earn in the app and customize their penguin avatar. And for the first time, players will be able to easily access the popular Club Penguin Blog and video channels together in one place. Free app syncs with the #1 virtual world for kids

“With the launch of the My Penguin app, we will give players the games and activities that they love most about the Club Penguin experience,” said Chris Heatherly, Vice President and General Manager, Disney Interactive Worlds. “This app is just the beginning for us as we provide an increasingly connected mobile experience for Club Penguin players around the world.”

Current players will be able to quickly login using their penguin name and password from the virtual world, while new players will be able to create a penguin within the app itself. My Penguin will feature four of the most popular games from ClubPenguin.com including Pufflescape, Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup and Ice Fishing. Additionally, the app will feature an all new game for mobile, Sushi Drop, which will give players the chance to win coins, bonus items and treasure.

Penguins can also shop for the latest fashions in the My Penguin ‘Penguin Style’ catalog. Players will have the opportunity to access mobile exclusive items and then sync them with their ClubPenguin.com account.

My Penguin features include:

·       Play four of the most popular games from ClubPenguin.com to earn coins

o   Explore 16 underground caves in the hit game Pufflescape

o   Save puffles in danger in 18 levels of Puffle Rescue

o   Gather up crazy puffles in Puffle Roundup

o   Catch fish and avoid shocking jellyfish, crabs and sharks in Ice Fishing

·       Shop for fashions in the Penguin Style catalog and unlock mobile exclusive items and styles

·       Sync items and coins to use between the app and ClubPenguin.com

·       Win coins, bonus items & treasure in the new and exclusive Sushi Drop game

·       Throw snowballs at penguin friends online and add new buddies

·       Watch the newest videos and get sneak peeks on the ‘What’s New Blog’

My Penguin is now available in English for free for iPad on the iTunes App Store at: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id505544063?mt=8
Additional languages coming soon.

About Club Penguin
Club Penguin (http://www.clubpenguin.com), is the #1 virtual world for children. Club Penguin works to maintain a fun and safe online entertainment experience by using filtering technology and live moderators. The award-winning virtual world of Club Penguin contains no third-party advertising and is free to use and enjoy, however a subscription membership provides access to additional features that enhance the play experience. Club Penguin, headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is enjoyed by children around the world, and can be played in English, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Thanks for joining me today. My kids loved playing Club Penguin and this new app for the iPad makes it even more more fun. With the app, millions of penguin players can access some of their favorite games and activities from the virtual world and earn coins and items for their penguin on the go. Enjoy!

AND a big thanks to Disney Interactive for all the info.

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13 May 2013

I'm in the WDW Fan Zone - Goofy Apples & Fireworks

Please join me as I'm writing about 2 of My Favorite Things at Walt Disney World, WISHES ~ The Fireworks at Magic Kingdom and the Character Apples in the Big Top Souvenirs Tent by Dumbo. And here are some more pics from that night!

This is where I took some great pictures. But, on this night we were enjoying being at the park later in the evening when some of the crowds had left and we discovered something new at Disney like we do each and every time we go.

 To Read the Rest of the Article Click Here

Thanks for stopping BY and ENjoy!

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10 May 2013

Cafe Escapes on Mother's Day - The Perfect Pair

 I wanted to share a few Mother's Day Café Escapes, we’re reminding people about the small ways they can indulge this Mother’s Day! Since I'm a busy mom, I wanted to pass on some tips and delicious drink options to you. 

Here are a few ways to help the mom in your life indulge this Mother’s Day:

•   Breakfast in bed: Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa goes perfect with waffles and strawberries, while Chai Latte pairs splendidly with a vegetable frittata.
•    Picnic at her favorite park: complete with a delicious lunch, thermos of Café Caramel and a checkered blanket. A portable music player loaded with her favorite tunes adds an extra wow-factor.
•   DIY Spa: Search on websites like Pinterest for some great DIY spa tips to help mom’s nails, skin and hair glow, all from the comfort of her home sanctuary! Brew her a cup of Café Mocha to enjoy while being pampered.

No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope that it’s filled with indulgence, lots of sweet memories and that you make time for an indulgent escape with Café Escapes.

 If you know me, you know what a big coffee fanatic I am but, when the Keurig and the K-cups were introduced to me that took my love of coffee to a whole new level. I love trying new K-cup flavors and the Cafe Escapes - Cafe Caramel and Cafe Vanilla have become two of my recent favorites. I recently got to try them and love their sweet, yet mild coffee taste. They are not to over powering just the right blend of caramel and vanilla.

Hope you'll try them too.

 Have a Very Happy Mother's Day !!

 I want to Thank Cafe Escapes for the great tips and 
Mother's Day Wishes!

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Trailer Clip from THOR - The Dark World & Pics from Captain America ~ Winter Soldier

I was very excited when Iron Man 3  was coming out but, in the list of Marvel Movie Releases this is the one I'm most excited about, Thor - The Dark World. The Mighty Avenger returns to the big screen in Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" on November 8, and you can get your first look at the Odinson, Loki, Jane Foster, Malekith and more in the first teaser for Thor 2 below.

 And First look at some concept Art for  
Captain America ~ The Winter Soldier. 

Captain America faces the Winter Soldier in concept art from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" by Ryan Meinerding

 Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier

 Kicking off a new chapter in the lives of your favorite heroes following the events of "Marvel's The Avengers" last summer, Phase Two continues with Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" November 8 of this year, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" on April 4, 2014 and "Guardians of the Galaxy" on August 1, 2014!

The movie clips are great and I'm trying to figure out what the movies are about with just a small amount of scenes. The concept art pics are very interesting but what do they mean? There's a lot of guessing about plots, characters and endings. lol

So here's looking forward to them all! Go Marvel !
Big thanks to Marvel for all the info and pics.

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