09 June 2013

A Grand FIREWORKS display at Magic Kingdom Park

 I think one of the most magical times at Walt Disney World is when your watching Wishes in the Magic Kingdom. Even if you have seen Wishes a million times it still catches your breathe and stops you in your tracks.  I just love watching all those rainbow bursts of colors explode as Jiminy Cricket narrates. The crew at Disney makes a display so powerful both in colors and design that you remember it even after you have gone home.

We were outside Dumbo and the Storybook Circus, where I got these great pics.  It was a clear night and we were enjoying being at the park after some of the crowds had left. We then discovered something new at Disney, like we do each and every time we go, a new tradition. It was this great viewing spot, by Dumbo not in front of Cinderella Castle.

A great way to make your days at Disney more special is by doing family stuff and this family loves starting new traditions. We love something new/different at the parks and tonight we decided we were getting one of those HUGE and so very Yummy looking Character Apples. You know the ones they look like Minnie, Cheshire Cat or Goofy. 

There are so many now you could take weeks trying to eat them all, and we just might. So we get in line at the counter inside Big Top Souvenirs.

Now this place in case you haven't been there is an enormous circus tent with lots of circus character merchandise like Dumbo but, in the middle is a grand glass counter. And behind that glass counter are lots of decadent desserts just waiting to be eaten. You can also watch the cast members create these yummy apples and treats right there in front of your eyes.

So after we got our Goofy Apple, which was not an easy decision we start to hear an all too familiar noise coming from outside the tent. We thought we would get a closer look of the Fireworks show by heading toward Cinderella's Castle but, then we realized that where we were at great spot to watch them already :-)
Have them cut it for easy Eating

Thanks for stopping by and try them apples - they are scrumptious. Which one looks the best? 

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  1. What a great moment! I'll have to try that spot sometime (but with a Mickey cake pop for me please!) :)