02 June 2013

Disney "Infinity" debuts New Cars Trailer

Disney Interactive is providing an in-depth look into the racing possibilities in the Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode with a game-play trailer featuring exciting races between unlikely competitors, in even more surprising settings.

Who would win in a racing competition? Dash or Lightning McQueen? Mrs. Incredible or Mike Wazowski? Buzz Lightyear, Dash or Davy Joneswhile riding on Stitch’s surfboard?

What Is Toy Box?

It's what you want it to be

Let your Imagination run wild in the DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box! Unlock virtual toys from each Play Set – characters, buildings, weapons, gadgets and more – and bring them into the Toy Box where you can mix them all up to create your own game. In the Toy Box, there are no rules and you can create any adventure you want. It's up to you and your imagination!

In the Toy Box mode, players can pit these characters and more in head to head races on custom built tracks. They can build their own race tracks using pieces unlocked while playing in the Toy Box mode, in addition to other items brought over from the Monsters University, Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars play sets.

 To view the gameplay trailer

 About Disney Infinity
Disney Infinity is an all-new video game initiative starring the beloved characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Studios’ most popular franchises. Players can place real-world toy versions of their favorite Disney characters onto a device called the Infinity Base and transport them into the virtual game worlds of Monsters University, the Incredibles, Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as into a giant Toy Box.

For additional information on the Disney Infinity Toy Box mode, visit https://infinity.disney.com/toy-box, join the Disney Infinity Facebook Community (Facebook.com/disneyinfinity), and follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/disneyinfinity) and Instagram (instagram.com/disneyinfinity).

  Special thanks to Disney Interactive for all the info. Can't wait to get my Infinity game. The Toy Box looks amazing !!!

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