24 June 2013

My review of Monster's University & Monster Meet - Up

 Monster's University is now open and I'm so glad it's finally here. I saw it about a month ago thanks to a great group at the Disney Parks Blog. They had one of their famous meet-up 's and this one was so special. For the first time, I was up early enough to open the park, yes it was the 24 hours of fun at Magic Kingdom Park. As you can see in the pictures we started at 4am and it was dark but there was a crowd. We Disney Fans are special that way we get up with our kids even in the middle of the night to get to the happy place. Some of the great things we got to enjoy at the meet up were, we got to see Mike and Sulley and got a pair of Mike sunglasses. We also got to have the park practically to ourselves, eat Monster donuts and get a Monster University ID taken. That was my favorite part getting my own Monster ID, I also got to see Sulley close-up and boy is he big in person, lol. I also got to hang with my Disney Pals and make some new ones and that's what I love about these events.

As for Monster's University the movie, it is a pre-quel so we get to see Mike and Sulley as college students and they don't know each other and they are rivals. They at first meet and decide they don't like each other, Mike wants to in fact beat Sulley at being the best scarer. Monster's University is like Yale/Harvard in that it's the school every kid wants to go to and it has the best program for scaring. They do have a rival school called "Fear Tech". When we first meet the characters we learn how and why Mike wants to become a scarer, very early in his school life and we find out that Sulley's dad was a top scarer and that how he's becomes a scarer. Sulley and Mike personalities are the same as in Monster's Inc, but we just see how they get developed into the strong characters we know and love. Mike is a very smart college student and beats Sulley at all the Q & A in school and Sulley is very strong and bigger than Mike and win the physical contests.

One surprise they are not room mates at collage, which I thought they would be, it turns out to be a different Monster that Mike befriends.

I really loved the Monster University but, still liked the first one better. I miss Boo not being in the MU but, maybe we will have a 3rd where Monster's Inc. left off and she will be in it.

Thanks for stopping by and take the whole family to see it. A big Thanks to everyone for setting up the Meet-up for a Monster Celebration and the 24 hours of Fun at the Magic Kingdom on May 24th. I was so tired but had a lot of fun:) Now here's a Monster Snack to enjoy!

Mike Wazowski Apple Snacks

kid-friendly recipes are hard to come by, but this one is sure to impress your dinner guests as well as your little ones. The adorable Mike Wazowski apple is easy to make, and the yogurt dip can also double as a delicious breakfast treat!


1 pink lady, jazzy, or fuji apple, diced
¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon butter
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 Granny Smith apple
1 slice of provolone cheese
Peanut butter
1 green or blue fruit roll up
Black food safe marker
Almond slivers
5 pink lady, jazzy, or fuji apples, cut into slices
Small round fondant or cookie cutters

 To make the yogurt dip, combine the diced apple, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and butter in a small pot. Cook on low with a lid on until soft. Remove the cooked apples from the heat and set the, aside to cool. Once cool, add the cooked apple to the vanilla yogurt and stir well. Store the apple dip in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

To make the Mike Wazowski apple, cut a 1 inch round out of the cheese. Use a small amount of peanut butter to secure the eye onto your Granny Smith apple. Next, make the colored part of the eye by cutting a small circle from a Fruit Roll Up and attaching it to the center of the piece of cheese. Use a food safe marker to give Mike a pupil and a mouth. If your apple isn't standing well, use a knife to cut a small round out of the bottom or back side of the apple to help it stand up. Once the apple is standing up right, use a small knife to cut slits exactly where you want his ears to go. Position an almond sliver for each ear.

TADA you've made a Mike Wazowski apple.

Serve your apple slices on a plate with your Mike apple and dipping sauce.

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