06 June 2013

Recent Pictures of the DVC's Newest Resort ~ Grand Floridian Villas

Hidden Mickey -- Bedspread @Grand Floridian Villas
 We recently went to see the preview of the Newest "Disney Vacation Club" Resort. There were models of a Studio Suite and 1 Bedroom Villa of the Grand Floridian Resort. They were located at Saratoga Springs Resort where the Disney Vacation Club Preview center is located.

As we entered the 1 bedroom villa, I was in amazement. The rooms are spacious and beautiful with porcelain-tiled balconies. Modern luxury is combined with luxurious details, everything was thought of here. Some of the details included are robes for you, TV in the mirror of the bathroom, granite countertops, crown molding, bunk bed pull out under the TV cabinet in the living room and a large walk-in shower. The Victorian decor is beautiful, I really loved it. The DVC has also included small "Disney" touches as too keep the Victorian elegance feeling. I loved seeing the pictures of the characters and Hidden Mickey on the beds.  

master bedroom -
tv in the bathroom mirror

1 bedroom villa


Pull out Bed

Pull down bed for 5th person

Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to stay here.
I hope you enjoy the pictures :-)

The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is scheduled to Open In OCTOBER 2013

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  1. What a grand stay that will be! Thanks for the sneak peek Diane!!

  2. Thanks Donna, I loved it. The luxury makes you feel like a Princess :-)

  3. Wow! They have done a fabulous job with these rooms!! Thanks for sharing with us Diane!!

  4. Thanks Donna Kay !! They sure have -- Not a problem :-)

  5. TheDisneyKids.comJune 6, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    Very pretty! But I guess it better be for the amount they are charging per point! Can you explain a little more about the pull out/down beds? The pictures look almost the same, but I can see that they are two different beds. Are the coming out form under the TV instead of having a dresser in that area?

  6. Hi Disney Kids, Thanks for stopping by. And to tell you more about the pull out - It' s a twin size bed that pulls down as a 5th bed and then folds back up and fits perfectly back into the cabinet under the tv. Its like the one you see in the movies that people pull from the wall and then goes back into the wall. It takes up no additional space in the room. The differences were each of the rooms had different back rounds to the bed when opened, I believe one had a Dumbo picture and the Other Mary Poppins. It still has draws around it to hold clothes and things. Hope that helps :-)

  7. That's gorgeous! We're not DVC but finally tried it out (renting) and fell in love.. just don't have the money to buy in! I wih!