02 June 2013

Staying at Beach Club Villas Resort and Stormalong Bay Pool

 This time we stayed at the Beach Clubs Villas in our Disney Vacation Club choices. We have always wanted to stay here for the resort proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios but, also for the water park pool. Stormalong Bay is the pool at the Beach Club and  if you have never heard of it or seen it, it is magnificent. Not only is the theme Seaside Middle Atlantic coast of the golden era but, it is one of Disney's largest pools. Some of the many features are: it's great slide that stretches across the walkway to the beach side of the resort, a lazy river (8 ft. deep), a whirlpool in one corner and sand on the bottom of the pool.

One day during our stay we wanted to spend all day at this great pool, it could be described as a more like a "mini" water park. The different sections of it spread over about 5 acres including the kid's pool area, which is across with the JIB Slide. It's a great thing to have so many different areas to play in, including a sandy beach for the kids to play right at the side of the pool with about 1 1/2  ft of water, a lazy river, volleyball area and a whirlpool area, that you can't get out of!!

The Flying JIB Slide which is directly across from Stormalong Bay pool takes you high in the air with spectacular views of The Boardwalk Resort, Swan and Dolphin Resorts and parts of Epcot. The actual slide takes you across the walkway and up 25 feet to the start of your ride down. The life guard signals you to go and you now slide the 40 degree angle down the tube, going pretty fast. On your way down to pool, you will also pass through a jungle of greenery and 2 waterfalls before dumping out into the 4 foot water below. It was so much fun, and not scary at all. The little ones in front of me loved it too, and parents you can be waiting right at the bottom for them. A life guard is also standing by too.

And if you get hungry or thirsty, there are plenty of choices like: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop famous for it's "Kitchen Sink" ~ Giant Sundae.  Hurricane Hanna's Snack Bar which is a bar and a place to get lunch, snacks and drinks for your family. The kids meal comes in a small beach bucket and has a little shovel too, very cute.

We had a great one bedroom on the 1st floor which made it easy getting to both pools Stormalong and the quite pool with its hot tub. It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back to the Beach Club Villas.

Thanks For stopping BY and have a great day.

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  1. We love Stormalong Bay. I do have to mention that part of the pool is 12 feet deep!! Not sure the last time I saw a pool with a deep end and unfortuneately I stepped right in holding my 6 mo. Good thing I am a strong swimmer but just something to note if you have children that aren't so strong.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mary. It's pretty amazing and yes I think it's good to know there are some fairly deep parts to this pool :-)

  3. We stayed at the Yacht Club (cheating on my beloved Polynesian) specifically for Stormalong Bay. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that grownups could do the slide too. Now I will have to go back!!

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