18 June 2013

Weekend at Kidani Village ~ Animal Kingdom Lodge

 This was one of the best weekend's I've had in a long time. Not only did I get to go to my favorite place, Walt Disney World but, I got to stay at one of my favorite resorts Animal Kingdom Lodge. Now, I have stayed at AKL many times on both sides, Jambo House and Kidani Village they both have Disney Vacation Club rooms. But, a few months ago after staying at Jambo, I had decided that I liked Jambo House better. Well this recent trip I have changed my mind even though they both have great perks.

Jambo House was the first part of the resort that was build and it is the main building.

It has a big pool with a 67-foot-slide called Uzima Pool. The slide is quite small compared to others, not very steep or long.  The two delicious restaurants, a signature one called Jiko,  The Cooking Place ($$$) it's a little more fancy perhaps more for adults, less of an atmosphere for kids.  And the other is a buffet style called Boma,  Flavors of Africa ($$).  This is where you can find African cuisine, ribs, fish, steaks and salads and a lot more. Boma is upbeat and they play the African drums in there, very cool. The quick-serve restaurant  Mara is also located in Jambo House and has a great location right next to the pool. So if you get hungry during your swim, all you have to do is walk a few feet over.  I love their Caesar salad with chicken and they also serve burgers, flatbread pizzas and Zebra Domes.
Jambo House also has a bar/lounge called Victoria Falls, where you can get appetizers and drinks while just hanging out.  Jambo House also has the main gift shop and it is much larger than Kidani Village's.

In Kidani Village there are a lot more rooms so availability is better. The pool is I feel much better because, it has a beautiful jungle surrounding it which includes a fun kids play area with a few kiddie pools, a long, big slide that starts up on top of the mountain and a hot tub up there too for the adults. It also has a cabana area for drinks and a few sandwiches.  In this play area there are plenty of tables and chairs and a great view of the Savannah so you might just see your favorite safari animal.

One more thing I really like about Kidani Village is the covered parking because, as you know it can start raining just as your trying to unload your car. With this covered garage that is not a worry, you can unload and take the elevator right up to check-in.

 But one thing I love about both are seeing the animals on the savannah.. The atmosphere is what I love most about this place. It's a cultural splendor mixed with the exotic beauty of Africa. Over  46 - acres containing free-roaming mammals: giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, gisele, donkeys, and birds how could I ever be bored here?

 The Lodge celebrates the beauty of Africa and a feeling like your on safari with your family, combined with the great food and architecture making it a great resort for all.

Thank for Stopping by and Have A MAGICAL DAY !

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  1. I am partial to Jambo. It really has to do with the sounds. I love walking down the hallways and hearing the lobby as you approach it. And I LOVE the butternut squash sould at Mara!

  2. I know, they are both so great. I love Mara and will put that on my list. Thanks for sharing :-)