08 July 2013

DVC's Old Key West Resort ~ My thoughts about this Disney Resort

 I forgotten how much I liked Old Key West, Disney Vacation Club's original resort. It was built in 1991 and we have stayed here a few times with our family and really enjoyed it. This is a great family resort, something for everyone to do here but, what I really like is the laid back Margaritaville feel here. I also like that the rooms are bigger than the other DVC resorts at Walt Disney WORLD I guess because, it was the first one built. It definitely makes the stay more enjoyable with more room.  We also love the pool a lot here because, the slide is great and you go really fast, it's a big corkscrew. The slide was newly renovated a few years ago and it looks like a Giant Sandcastle with a Hidden Mickey at the bottom and the slide inside.

This resort has a very laid back feeling, just enjoy yourself ! It's theme is the Florida Keys and the colors are soft blue's, beige's, pinks, green's and lots of shells everywhere. It's definitely a beach feeling here at the resort, the gift shop is called Conch Flats. There is also Lots to do here like renting bikes, a surrey or even motor boats. How about some shuffleboard or tennis and don't forget to take the Boat to Downtown Disney, it's a very nice 20 minute ride to the far end by House of Blues.

This trip was great but surprising, my husband was at a conference in Orlando and we got to stay at Disney and chill. Just go to the pool during the very hot summer days and go to the parks at night, when they were a bit cooler. And after the most recent move, we needed a vaca. I also wanted to mention the really nice Cast Members here at OKW especially, one who worked in Bell Services and picked us up as we were walking to the pool one afternoon. That was a great surprise and an awesome treat. See picture above. Thank You !

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