22 August 2013

D23 Expo - A Magical Performance from Richard Sherman and Alan Menken

  It was a great time in California at the D23 Expo last week. There was so much to see and do. Certainly, I can say one of my most memorable moments was seeing Richard Sherman and Alan Menken perform some of their greatest compositions on stage. This was an event that I looked forward to from the minute I found out about it and I was not disappointed. The concert was about 3 hours long with a full arena and the place was in awe of them. Here's a short clip of Richard Sherman performing.

Richard went on first and sang and played the piano to some of his greatest hits. It was wonderful to hear him sing such classics "I want to be like you" from Jungle Book and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins and "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" from Carousel of Progress, (one of my favorite attractions). Not only did the Sherman Brothers write and compose for Disney movies, but also Disney attractions, stage musicals and other motion picture screenplays.

After the two were introduced on stage, I thought their friendship and admiration for each other was amazing. Two Disney legends were going to perform some of my most favorite songs from Disney Movies, this was a night to remember and I will remember it forever.
As the night began with Richard's performance, the audience was treated to stories, memories and great songs.

We got to hear about how Robert (his brother) came up with the some of the lyrics for "A Spoonful of Sugar" from something his son said and when he told Richard of the story of how sugar makes everything go down better, and he solved their lyric problem with this particular song Richard at first didn't agree. He didn't think it worked. But, as history goes he changed his mind and well, you know the rest.

After Richard finished and we REALLY didn't want him too, Alan came out to start his part of the concert and I couldn't believe what a great singer he was. He has a really great voice and was very funny in between songs. His sense of humor comes out when he performs and made the night even more magical.

Some of the songs he performed were  "Under the Sea", from The Little Mermaid,
"Be Our Guest", from Beauty and the Beast, "A Whole New World", from Aladdin,
"Friend Like Me", from Aladdin, "Go the Distance", from Hercules. Here is an clip from his part...

 The Arena was pumped for these performances and the roar of the crowd was amazing after each song.  They each played for about an hour and half and covered most of the their song libraries.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed this look back at a great Disney moment at the D23 Expo. This is just some of the pictures and video, so there will be a part 2 and 3 :-)

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  1. Wow! That is a concert to remember! Two amazing Disney Legends!!

  2. I am so jealous of you. What a fantastic experience.

  3. I sooooo wish I had been there. Thank you for taking us there through this post. It was perfect.

  4. THREE hours??? These are not young men, either. What an experience you had Diane- I'm so thrilled that you snagged an invite! (I think this D23 event might have been a tad better than our experience 2 years ago. :D)

  5. Yes Donna 3 hrs, it was magnificent. I would have stayed all night - I was in the balcony but the view was still great - Thank you :-)

  6. Your welcome Mary, It's my pleasure :-) thanks for stopping by

  7. Thanks Kuleen, we all have to go next time - it would be so much fun

  8. Thanks Deb :-) It was so amazing - you get chills just thinking about it

  9. So amazed you saw them!

  10. What a magical evening! I would LOVE to get to experience that! Thank you for sharing with us! I'm floored at the amazing 3 hours you got to enjoy!