30 August 2013

Highlights from MY First D23 Expo in Anaheim

 If I could say one thing about the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California it was Spectacular, Magical and BIG.
I know I said one word but it's too hard, I really had the time of my life. It was everything I expected and more. I learned a lot, not only about Disney and all it's avenues of entertainment but, about the company itself. I always learn something new when I go to an event and meet new people. There was lots to do and lots to see. The exhibitors were many, from Disney Consumer Products, Disney Store, Disney Interactive, Sephora, Jelly Belly, American Tourister, Tervis, H2O and Disney Channel and many more. Way too many to list but, I think you get the idea. I found that planning my day before I got there was very helpful, the schedule was online and there was "an app for that". The one thing I did not expect is that I would run out of time each day, yes it opened at 9am and went til 7pm but for a crazed Disney Fan it still was not enough to see it all.

One thing, I really loved was volunteering to help boys and girls club and the school kids of LA get some snacks and some art supplies. We were able to volunteer right at the expo in the Disney VoluntEAR booth, so cool.

Another great thing was checking out all the cool Disney themed merchandise to take home and yes I shopped a lot. I knew there was going to be treasures only at D23 and I was right. Here are some soaps from H2O + that are very special and I got a few to take home.

When I saw this bag I knew I had to get it. Exclusive from American Tourister were the D23 Mickey and Minnie travel bags. I got the Minnie tote with the D23 logo on it.
There were carry-on sizes too.

Another favorite of mine was there, Jelly Belly that included themed Disney Character jelly bean bags. Princess, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the Villains were all represented.

plus this cool giveaway

 The Hallmark Store was also there and they had the cutest Sorcerer Mickey itty bitty doll. So cute and on the bottom of him he says D23 exclusive. There was also the new Cinderella Castle Keepsake Ornament for the holidays there for sale and it plays When you Wish Upon A Star. pictured here next to Mickey.

Huffy Bikes also had an exclusive limited edition that I wish I could have gotten. They had a Mickey Cruiser and Minnie Cruiser for $599 each delivered in a big box. "Keep it as a keepsake or ride them", the sales guy said.

And lastly Tervis, my favorite cups were there selling exclusive Disney and  D23 cups. They are so durable and I love all the styles at the expo. Every character was available -
Very Magical Soaps

I guess I already have a plan for 2015, that will be when the D23 Expo returns.

I would be happy to answer any questions I haven't covered, there was a lot to cover in 3 days so ask away.  Have a Magical Day !!

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  1. That was one whirlwind weekend! Can't wait for 2015!!

  2. Yes it was :-)

  3. Amazing! I love it! I wish I could go one day... I think my favorite thing is the Minnie American Tourister bag!!

  4. Oh my gosh! Shop till ya' drop!! I am drooling over the Minnie American Tourister bag! That would be so perfect for my new tablet! Oh and the bikes..what a dream weekend!

  5. Sounds like fun!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic time! I love those soaps...

  7. We did KJ, thanks for stopping by :-)

  8. Thanks Heather, It was a great time at the expo ;-)

  9. Thanks Deb -They had so many great things, it was so hard not to go overboard at the expo.

  10. Thanks Beth, we should all go as a group next time. That bag was my fav tooo.