16 August 2013

Magic Kingdom Fireworks ~ Wishes Video

This is a great reminder of how much fun the Magic Kingdom is. I can always count on the "Wishes" fireworks to get me to stop in my tracks. I could watch it all night. And the best spot I found to watch them away from the crowds is by Dumbo. If you waiting for them to start and your in the vicinity of Dumbo or the Souvenir Tent, you will have a great view of them. The lights, colors and sounds are so magical, they bring our the kid in all of us.

 The 411
 Many Brilliant colors wash over Cinderella Castle—magenta, azure, periwinkle, pink and even pearly white. Blazing rockets race into the night sky before exploding overhead, leaving trails of smoke that catch the glow. The entire park thunders in the wake of great wish-making, synchronized to an unforgettable musical score.

And that my friends is WISHES :-) Thanks for stopping by. 

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