16 September 2013

Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Are Almost Upon Us ! Pics and Info from D23 Expo

My family and I are so excited that it's almost time for our favorite show to start again, Once Upon a Time. We'll be glued to the TV at 8:00 pm on 9/29!  A month ago we had the chance at the D23 Expo to sit in for the "Once Upon A Time" panel with creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. The panel was hosted by D23's own Jeffrey Epstein. This was one of our favorite panels, Eddie and Adam were fantastic, they really engaged with the audience and were very funny. The also gave us a 19 minute preview of Once Upon A Time in Wonderland!  The show looks amazing, I loved the White Rabbit and his rose colored glasses. The show takes place in Victorian England and does not follow the books or adaptations exactly, which really adds to the show and definitely gave us the feeling that we are in for a wild ride once the show premiers at 8:00 pm on 10/10.  Alice is definitely not a timid little girl in this version of Wonderland. After the preview, you get to see her in a role of a really strong heroine. Also, in the preview we see that she has been committed to a mental facility by her father because, no one believes her strange tales of this place called "Wonderland". She also falls in love and can fight really well, this Alice has a lot of story to tell.  

During the session they discussed how Once Upon A Time differs from another of our favorite shows, Lost. While Lost focused on Redemption and Survival, Once Upon A Time focuses on Hope and Family. Another thing that was discussed by the creators was there are some very strong female leading characters (Snow, Belle, Regina and Emma).  It's rare to see a damsel in distress waiting for her white knight on this show; odds are she'll grab a weapon and save herself (and sometimes said Knight along the way)! 

Eddy and Adam finished up the panel by shaking hands and signing autographs for a few audience members. My son is a huge OUAT fan and he got Adam's autograph first then Adam made sure Eddy signed our son's book (He's 11 and was much smaller than most of the autograph seekers).  It was a great session and as I said one of our favorites. We can't wait for this show to start and then we'll be off to "Neverland" with our favorite characters once again. I was very excited to hear that we will be in Neverland for a while. It sounds like a very interesting story line, not what you would expect. I wanted more scoop but, they didn't give to much away. lol.

Thanks for stopping by :-) 

Which character is your favorite and why on OUAT? 
And will you be watching OUAT in Wonderland? 

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  1. I cannot wait for OUAT to start back!! My absolute favorite show!! Glad to hear you like the Wonderland spin off, sometimes those aren't as good as the original. I don't think I can pick a favorite character - I love them all!! If forced to choose I think it would be Snow, but I definitely find Rumple to very intriguing.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I like them all too. Rumple is such an interesting character, I tend to like him.lol. Thanks for stopping by Donna Kay and I can't wait for the premier too :-)

  3. Oh I cannot wait for OUAT to start! My favorite show!! So looking forward to Wonderland!!

  4. I love Regina / The Queen. She is so bad, but trying to do the right thing (sometimes). Rumple is a close second, he again is trying (sometimes) to do the right thing. Without a doubt this is my favorite show and I can't wait for wonderland. The Rabbit looks so cool and seeing more "Lost" alumni joining the OUAT family is awesome.

  5. I like the Once Upon a Time show sooo much! No doubt Wonderland will also have the same following.

  6. Thanks Mary, It is a great show and can't get enough of it :-)

  7. Thank you Baby - I agree with everything you said - so true :-)

  8. Thanks Deb :-) It's mine too and Wonderland looks amazing too