12 September 2013

Teen Beach Movie Is a Huge Hit ~ Meet the Cast

My pics from D23 Expo
 Since it release in July, "Teen Beach Movie" has indeed become a huge hit for Disney. I really enjoyed it and so did my family. I think part of the charm was the quirky character names and the groovy songs that made this movie stand out. But, soon after the anticipation of seeing this movie was over, I was wondering how did it do compared to other Disney Channel Movies? I was not surprised at some of the stats I read about and I got to witness the frenzy at the D23expo this August.

Most of the cast was there to sign autographs and meet their fans, all except Maia Mitchell (Mack). It was great to see them close and get some pictures of them. They came out pushing a Giant Beach Ball on their way to the stage. It was a site to see and the screams from the fans were amazing, deafening in a word.

Here are some of the numbers -- 13.5 million people watched it, making it the No. 2 most-watched movie in cable TV history. The movie's soundtrack is still in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 after three weeks, and the DVD is tracking to be Disney's top seller for the year.
Here you can see the fan frenzy at the D23 Expo as the Fans waited for him to go by back stage. I apologize for the blurry picture of Ross Lynch but, as you can imagine he was running by us.

In the article below, additional info on the cast including how they are dealing with all the success and the fun they had making this "West Side Story" beach movie. There's even talk of a sequel, well I hope so.

 Did you have a chance to see Teen Beach Movie, what did you think and Who's your favorite character?

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