28 October 2013

A Fun Night with Ocean Spray at The Food and Wine Festival

Recently, I had the best time at Epcot. I was invited to sample some of the best Food and Drink that Ocean Spray had to offer. As a guest of theirs, I got to sample many different dishes from six select countries. Each table was themed to the different countries cuisine. A passbook was issued so we could keep track of our dishes. The countries included were Canada, U.K., U.S.A., Mexico, France and Japan. I can't say I had a favorite, they were all so good. The Private area was on top of the hill just to the right of where the Bog is in Epcot and I can tell you it was a great location to meet with friends and eat. Each of the meals I tried I complimented with an Ocean Spray Cranberry drink especially "O Fizz". Sparkling Cranberry Juice, lemon juice and gin. And then Cranberry juice and vodka, another favorite.

The versatility of the cranberry is amazing and I loved how it was incorporated into the dishes.

I think my favorite was the Craisin infused Five Spice Char Kobe Beef with Sriracha from Japan - it was like butter melting in your mouth. It was accompanied with Craisin Vegetable Fried Rice, which was also incredibly yummy. The cranberries give a little bit of tartness to the dishes and enhance the flavors.

My next favorite was from Canada and it was the Cranberry & Sea Salt Cured Wild Salmon with Maple Sugar Crystals, it was to die for. It had an incredible great taste and the combo of the two opposites, sweet and salty they both enhanced the flavor of the salmon. It was accompanied by Craisin Glazed Pork Belly with White Cheddar Maple Grits. With this dish, I loved how the pork broke apart very easily and the grits had a great cheesy and sweet taste to them. I really enjoyed the grits they went very well with the pork and normally I don't like grits. lol.

I want to thank Ocean Spray for inviting me, I enjoyed the Cuisine, Drinks and the Company very much.

To learn more about the Cranberry and Ocean Spray - please stop by here http://www.oceanspray.com
And for recipes http://craisins.com/

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  1. Really cool! Sounds like a great event. It's sort of my dream to take a dip in the Cranberry bog! :)