22 October 2013

Celebrate Fall Ideas

Celebrate Fall with some of these Ideas ~~ This is my second favorite season behind Summer.  Fall is a great time of year and there is so much going on with Halloween. Not only the kids choosing a costume at the party store, what kind of candy to get and how much for my neighborhood and all the crafts. I know when we go to Party City to get a costume it can be quite a decision. It takes a while when looking at the "wall" trying to decide from the hundreds up there, then getting someone's attention to order it and then to try it on. We have spent a good amount of time in there and in my experience the longer you wait the more people you are competing with over very few left. One year we waited until the day of Halloween to pick out the costume but, luckily my son was only two so not to much drama.
Leaves are changing color and in upstate NY the trees are beautiful about this time of year, the colors so radiant and bright. It is a time to celebrate, all the great holidays coming up and some of these recipes can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving...

My favorites are the Roasted Pumpkin seeds with Sea Salt & The Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Party Ideas
Pumpkin Party Decorations
Capture the warmth of autumn with a palette of rich earth tones like burnt orange, charcoal gray and walnut brown. Then add pumpkin-inspired touches:
Tip: Attending a fall potluck? Present your dish in a fresh pumpkin—it’s easy to carry and clean up.
  • Pumpkin Piñata: Two fall favorites in one fun package! Craft your own candy-filled piñata, then decorate it with orange tissue paper. To create a stem, glue a piece of paper towel or toilet paper tube to the top.
Tip: Looks alone can’t create a cozy autumn atmosphere. To really set the mood, spray Febreze® Air Effects™ in Falling Leaves & Spice scent throughout your space to eliminate odors and freshen before guests arrive.
Pumpkin Party Food
Infuse every bite with warm pumpkin flavor:

pumpkin party foursquare

Tip:Memorable meals don’t just taste great; they look great, too. And a pretty presentation starts with sparkling dishes. So be sure to use Cascade Complete® Pacs in your dishwasher—love it or your money back!*
Pumpkin Party Activities & Favors
Delight guests of all ages with festive activities and heartfelt favors:
  • Pumpkin Decorating: Visit the pumpkin patch before the party, or ask guests to bring pumpkins and any carving tools they have on hand. Provide extra tools plus supplies for crafting anything-but-average pumpkins, then let creativity take hold.cake pop inset 
  • Cake Pops: Display a collection of playful pumpkin pops and invite guests to help themselves. Or go a step further with a fall cake pop-making party both kids and adults will love.
  • Baked Goods: Hand out mini loaves of pumpkin bread wrapped in parchment paper and tied off with twine. For a more colorful display, wrap only the middle, letting the orange-hued heels peek out.
What’s the best Halloween or fall party you’ve ever attended or hosted?
& What made it Special....

 Recipes Courtesy of http://www.homemadesimple.com

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