18 October 2013

Check Out Spoonful.com's Scary and Terror-ific Halloween Crafts and Recipes

With Halloween creeping closer by the day, are you getting petrified about Halloween essentials being ready in time. Scare away those fears with these spook-tacular ideas from Spoonful.com that including:
·         Devilishly delicious desserts - yum !
·         Pumpkin decorating ideas (including carve-free options)
·         Home-made costumes - cool !
·         Monstrously fun (and simple) crafts and decorations
·         Disney inspired recipes, crafts and decorations and more !

I’ve included a preview of some of our Halloween crafts, recipes and activities below, and feel free to browse Spoonful.com/Halloween for even more ideas. 

And to really express your Spook-tacular Spirit even more try -  “My Take,” an all-new feature that will allow you to share your very own version, or “take,” of almost any recipe on the site. You can learn more about My Take here.

Dare to delve into devilish desserts:

Squash the pumpkin contest competition with these creative decorating ideas and carving templates:

Make these monster-ously fun crafts to decorate your Halloween party:
Flowerpot Pumpkins                              

Celebrate this Halloween with some spook-tacular Disney magic:

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A big thanks to Spoonful.com for all the recipes, crafts and ideas for a very sweet and scary Halloween season. Hope you enjoy some of the choices here and let me know in the comments below which ones are your favorite. 

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