23 October 2013

D23's ~ 20th Anniversary Screening of Hocus Pocus

D23: The Official Disney Fan Club presented the 20th Anniversary Screening of Hocus Pocus at the Walt Disney Studios in BurbankCalifornia on Saturday, October 19, 2013. In attendance were original cast members Kathy Najimi, Thora Birch, Vinessa Shaw, Omri Katz and Doug Jones.
It's one of my favorite Halloween Movies and a must see every year.  Its always great to sit down with the Sanderson Sisters for a trip down memory lane.  There are so many fantastic lines in this movie and so many hilarious parts its hard to point at a favorite but, a few are "the great and Powerful Max" and his magic Zippo; Satan and his "Little Woman" and Angelo the bad lobster going for the "jacuzzi".  That this movie is an absolute classic doesn't surprise me at all but that its been TWENTY years shocks me!  Where the heck does time go?  So if you haven't already, its time to sit down with Hocus Pocus for a laugh filled evening.   

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A big thanks to D23 for the pics and I hope you enjoy this stroll down the Hocus Pocus Reunion
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