02 October 2013

Once Upon A Time Props at D23 Expo inside the "Jolly Roger"

At the D23 EXPO, we got to go inside the "Jolly Roger" Hook's Ship for an experience like no other. To enter you go around the ship on a very long line, I had a million things on my mind about what could be inside. I had no idea what was in there, characters perhaps, treasure maybe or secrets to the show but,  one thing I new it was all very "hush hush". After we were escorted in about 15 people at a time - it was very small in there, we got to see a 7 minute preview of the up coming Season 3 of OUAT. Then to our right were the drawers, the same draws that contained the hearts Regina had collected that we saw in the basement of the crypt. And I was chosen first to open one.  After I was first to get the key from Prince Charming, he was there with Emma Swan and Regina - not the real actors but pretty good imitators. At first from the excitement I couldn't get the thing open and then yes, I did - it was in a small pouch, what ever it was. Well it turned out to be a PIN with the show's logo on it. A great prize for coming and visiting the Jolly Roger.

After each person got their prize, we were allowed to walk to the front of the inside of the ship and observe some of the real props from the show - which you see below. Belle's tea cup, Mr. Gold's cane, Emma's red jacket and Snow's bow and arrow set, just to name a few. And outside we got to take pictures with the actors.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy this season of "Once Upon A Time" my favorite show and in Wonderland too starting October 10th.

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  1. I am beyond jealous!!! My absolute favorite show! What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing with us Diane!!

  2. Oh my gosh - that is SO cool! My girls and I would go absolutely crazy! Gracie and I love that show - and we've now converted Ashley too!

  3. Thanks Heidi, It is our favorite show too. :-)

  4. Thanks Donna Kay :-) Glad you enjoyed it. This is our most favorite show ever.

  5. Very cool .... Every time I walked by the line was way too long for me, so I'm glad now I know what was inside!

  6. Thanks Mindy ! Glad to share it with you.


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