19 November 2013

Disney Balloons - They make you so HAPPY :-)

If there's one thing I love it's going to the Disney Parks but, there's something else that I can't get enough of. I love seeing the Disney Balloons. It's an obsession really. Just like clockwork as soon as I pass the front gate after swiping my ticket, I go over to the balloons and start snapping pics. Sometimes, I get other interesting objects with them as you'll see. I remember buying one every year we visited the Parks and when it was finally deflated it went up on my bedroom wall like a picture. Enjoy! 

Some of the pics are from Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom and some are from Disneyland.

Happy Tuesday and May you Have a Magical Day !

These are from Hollywood Studios and it was raining that day, you can see the rain drops on Mickey's head and it looks pretty cool. 

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