16 November 2013

Recap of Great Food and Drink ~ Food And Wine Festival at Epcot ~ Plus Menus

There was Lots to Love at this year's International Food and Wine Festival At Epcot. The Festival is over now but, the memories of great food/drink remain. Since my hubby and I love beer we tried more of the different beers than wines. I know it's called Food and Wine but, there are a lot of Craft Beers available at the festival now. They had two booths featuring many craft beers from around the world and one of my favorite was located as soon as you enter the festival right after the Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog and it's called Alchemy Ale. It was very delicious and light tasting, great amber color and this could quickly became a staple for my husband and I during the summer. Another one we tried and my husband liked a lot better than me was Kirin draft, a Japanese beer. It was to strong a flavor for me but, if I had to describe it I would say its a golden color, medium beer with a balanced taste; not very hoppy at all.

The desserts are always another favorite especially the Chocolate Orange Cupcake. I love orange and chocolate together.

Here's one of my favorite meals at the festival. The Cheddar Cheese Soup was amazing with lots of cheesy flavor and the Beef Filet Mignon was cooked to perfection and simply melted in your mouth. The caramelized mushrooms with it were a strong earthy flavor and complimented the sweet taste of the beef.

Love shrimp tacos and Rib Eye from Mexico - always tastes great with a little kick of spiciness to it.

Thanks to my husband for his addition help and beer knowledge on this post!

Thanks for stopping by ~  Have a Magical Weekend ;0))

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