29 December 2013

Saw #Frozen and Loved it - My Review of a New Disney Masterpiece

Hope everyone had a great Christmas !!!

I recently got a chance to See "Frozen", Disney's newest animated movie. If you enjoy musicals in the classic Disney style "Frozen" is not to be missed! I went with my whole family and we all thought it was wonderful. My husband's first word's about it were "An Incredible; Visually Stunning movie" and I agreed, it was more than impressive, it was Very Impressive. The snow and ice, the vibrant blue and white colors made the background in this movie pop out on the screen. I would recommend this movie for everyone, the story was heart warming and the relationships were sweet, close and funny. Another thing I loved was the relationship between the sisters, Anna and Elsa. They had an amazing relationship and even though one sister (Elsa) started to pull away from the other, Anna never gave up on her sister. She had blind love almost and in the end it proved to be enough to save them both. I loved that about this movie; that you believe in someone so much that even when they have bad things said about them or they do bad things, she never lost hope that her sister was still good inside.

The story is about two Princess sisters (Elsa the Snow Queen and Anna her little sister) who grow up being close and then slowly come apart when one sister has a secret she can't share and it winds up becoming a secret she can't control anymore. She starts to not trust anyone and her sister doesn't  understand why she won't talk to her anymore. After Elsa runs away, Anna goes to find her and she meets a lot of new friends along the way including a talking snowman - Olaf, who is so funny. Olaf has some of the best lines, jokes and sense of humor that I have seen in a long time. A friend Kristoff, who she needs to help her find her sister because, he knows the great outdoors, it's where he grew up. Also in the cast of characters is his loyal BFF and very cute reindeer - Sven, who takes them all around in the snow and ice.

This is Truly a great movie all around and one more thing I loved, there's a ton of singing/songs in this movie more than in most Disney Movies I have seen in recent years. "Let it Go" is an amazing song and we have downloaded it on iTunes, you will love it! Enjoy and Thanks for stopping BY !

Disclaimer - I was invited by Disney Pictures to see this movie for free, understanding that I would review it. All opinions are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 

"Frozen" is Disney's 53th Animated Classic and is some what based on the Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale -  The Snow Queen. 

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