05 December 2013

The Giant Gingerbread House at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

 It's a Must Do for the Holiday Season!

I think one of the greatest treats of the Holiday season is seeing a Giant Gingerbread House. It just so happens that Walt Disney World has one and it's all edible. Yes, it's life-size and can be eaten. For the first time,  I made a trip to go see it after hearing so much about it. I was in awe as I saw it from above, sparkly and looking so amazingly big.  I wanted to get right up to it. When you go to see it make sure you check it out from all angles, even high above because the details on the top of it are amazing too. You'll never know what you might see on the roof, maybe some hidden presents?
My kids are the ones who noticed some of the great details on this house like Hidden Mickey's and other Disney characters. Kids are just so excited to see it, the shear size of it gets you so excited. Your asking yourself how did they do it?

2 really important things when you go see it - 1) take your time looking at it, stay a while and enjoy the music that's playing in the lobby. 2) don't forget to bend down there's a lot to see under the house.

One more really great thing, there are treats for sale inside the house. I wanted to buy them all- lol- from lollipops to solid chocolate characters, Mickey cookies, red velvet cupcakes, peppermint bark, Stollen Bread, truffles, gingerbread men,  and pieces of the gingerbread just like the ones used to make the house. So yummy - I'm getting a few for stocking stuffers defintely ;-)

Hope you have enjoyed this look into the famous Grand Floridian Gingerbread House.

 Now some interesting Magic that goes into the House - 

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a Magical Holiday !

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