03 January 2014

A Look Back at A Great Night in 2013 - Going Into The Cranberry Bog

Looking Back at 2013 - Some really great moments 

 For the second year, I got to do the most amazing thing by putting on the waders and stepping into the Ocean Spray's Cranberry Bog at Food and Wine. It has the most amazing feeling of floating on air and serenity that I can't explain. The cranberries seem to lift you up. This year's was especially exciting because my husband got to go with me into the bog while our children took pictures and looked on from the sidelines. It was amazing as you walked through the thousands and thousands of cranberries and watch the people pointing at you from the sides, wondering how they get in there. I also loved the fact that our last food stop was in the bog, and it was the good old USA cuisine. There were many delicious dishes in the Bog from the USA  - Seared Free Range Chicken with Craisin Moonshine Pearls and Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Craisin Ketchup it was all so yummy.

And more great Cranberry Infused Foods from Ocean Spray 

With the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot well into the past, I'm sad that I will have to wait till next year to eat more delicious foods from the Ocean Spray chefs. I did want to remember a little more about the Cranberry Inspired Cuisine at Food and Wine.  It was a very diverse accompaniment to many foods and it's so easy to add to many dishes.

Starting with U.S. - Seared Free Range Chicken with Craisin Moonshine Pearls and Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Craisin Ketchup. I loved the sweetness of the ketchup with a cranberry tartness flavor. The chicken was so moist and delicious with the crispy sweet potatoes.

At the France table we enjoyed - Artisan Cheese stuffed Mini Craisin Brioche and Craisin, Bacon and Brie Potato Gratin.  Now if there's one thing I love it's cheese and craisin brioche just melted in your mouth. I love how the craisin has a sweet and tart flavor that mixes perfectly with cheese and bacon.

At the Mexican table there was Mole Shrimp Quesadilla with Cranberry Salsa - which was an awesome combo - a lot of shrimp combined with sweet cranberry salsa. Also very juicy Pulled Chicken Craisin Tamales, very tasty.

Hope you enjoyed this food encore from 2013 - Happy New Year food fans! What's your favorite food? 

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