28 January 2014

Have You Tried a Goofy #Apple - The Funnest Apples TO Eat

I think one of the most magical times at Walt Disney World is when you’re watching the Fireworks. You can see them a million times and it's still worth stopping for. The cast members at Disney makes a display so powerful both in colors and design that you remember it long after you’ve left the park.

Both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot have some spectacular displays.

Fireworks Collage
On this night we were enjoying being at the park later in the evening when some of the crowds had finally left and we discovered something new at Disney like we do each and every time we go.
Each time we go it is a tradition to do or try something new/different at the parks and tonight we decided we were getting one of those giant and delicious looking Character Apples. 

You know the ones - they look like Mickey, Mike, Sulley, Goofy . There are so many now you could take weeks trying to eat them all and we just might, lol. So we get in line at the counter inside Big Top Souvenirs. Now this place in case you haven’t been there is a huge circus tent with lots of circus characters merchandise like Dumbo, Mickey, Minnie - but in the middle of the tent is a grand Sweets counter. And behind that glass lots of yummy goodies just waiting to be eaten. You can also watch the CM's create these yummy apples and treats right there in front of your eyes. A CM will also cut it for you making it much easier to enjoy and share. They are around $10 so, it’s a nice treat to share with the whole family. And personally speaking it was delicious – the caramel and the chocolate were a great combination. It was so big we didn’t even finish it, it was great the next day too.


So after we got our Goofy Apple, which was not an easy decision to must goodness in one place, we start to hear an all too familiar noise coming from outside the tent. The fireworks had begun, one of our favs, Wishes. So we picked a spot, watched and ate our apple. The night couldn’t have been better.

Disney FYI- Wishes debuted at the Magic Kingdom park on October 8, 2003.  Wishes is hosted by Jiminy Cricket

Wishes is the largest fireworks show ever presented at the Magic Kingdom.

Thanks and Enjoy. Which Apple Would You Try ? Do Tell in the Comments Below ;-) 

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  1. I love a good caramel apple, but I can't do the sour sugar stuff on the outside! They are always SO cute though!

  2. These always look so good, but we have never tried one! And Big Top Souvenirs is one of our favorite places, so we will HAVE to try one next trip. I didn't know that CMs will cut them for you. With three little ones, that will certainly make my life easier!

  3. These are always adorable!! Love watching the Cast Members make them. I'm not an apple fan but hubby's gotten them before and he loves them.

  4. They are so cute! I love to watch them make them.

  5. I love the apples! I always get a Mickey one during our trip... and one to take home on our last day. It's nice to enjoy this apple at home after we've been back, unpacked and washed all the clothes!