25 February 2014

My #Review of Annie's White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Annie's White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese 

Annie's mac and cheese was easy to make in the microwave. My teen made it and she really liked it. It's very cheesy and has great cheese flavor. It took 4 minutes to make between mixing, microwaving and waiting for the sauce to get thick. I enjoyed this product's taste very much and would buy it for my family.

It's made with organic pasta and 1 serving size. It's made with 100% real cheese. And that's one of things I really like about Annie's a more natural product that I can trust.

 Disclosure -
 I was given a complimentary sample of the product for testing purposes from Influenster. My opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.

Thanks and enjoy :-) 

Have you tried Annie's What Did You Think ?

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