24 March 2014

Checking Out "The MythBusters" Exhibit at MOSI

Last week, I had the chance to go to MOSI - The Museum of Science and Industry right here in Tampa. It was the first time I had visited the museum since moving here and it was pretty impressive. I went with a group of 6th graders on a class trip and we were very interested in something that is only there for a short time, the MYTH BUSTERS exhibit. If you have seen their tv show you know why we were so excited to see the exhibit. It had a lot of the props from the show and experiments we could try ourselves. Like run or walk through rain, which way do get more wet, pull the table cloth off the table with all the stuff on it and  "dodge a paintball". I was standing on the side watching the kids and I was volunteered to give it a try it. I was just standing there being a good chaperone and wham the MOSI people found me and asked would you mind helping us with the paintball experiment (lol) - luckily there were 2 other parents there with me and I volunteered them too. I'm not sure they wanted to but, I said it would be fun.

As the experiment started I was thinking maybe I could dodge a paintball. It was based on the short distance between me and the gun 25 feet away and the few seconds to get to me.  But not really, it hit me 2x and after they slowed it down I was finally able to dodge it after the 3rd paintball. It was fun and very exciting, I do want to point out they had me wear a lot of clumsy heavy protective gear including a blast shield so I think that slowed me down too, LOL.

MOSI has a lot to offer including a kids play area to learn more about science, a zip line, weather and human body learning stations. There is a lot of interaction so you can learn hands on about scientific facts, experiments and theories - Why or why not they work and conclusions about them. Lots to learn without really knowing you are.

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