18 March 2014

D23 Turns 5 and There's So Much to Celebrate !

Happy Anniversary D23 - A lot has happened over the 5 years and we have all enjoyed being a part of it. Please take a look at some of the memories, videos and new interaction for members. 

D23 Fifth Anniversary Celebration Video: We put together some highlights of the past five years of D23 (and the D23 Expo!). Hard to get all that into about 2.3 minutes (get it?), but we tried! 

Un-Produced Mickey Mouse Short Morgan's Ghost: We have assembled some rarely seen images from the un-produced cartoon short Mickey Mouse. This members-only feature has some incredible images — many of which have not been exhibited to the public before! 

Favorite D23 Memories from the D23 Team: Recollections from the team here of some moments that have made our time here even more special. 

Take A Look Back at Disney in the Year 1923: From the first issue of Disney twenty-three, this members-only story looks at Walt's arrival in Southern California and creating what would become The Walt Disney Company. 

Also, D23 has become even more interactive! 

Say Cheese! D23 is looking for D23 Member's favorite Disney fan memories and photos for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue of Disney twenty-three.

Disney Geek of the Week: Members can now submit themselves to be D23's Disney Geek of the Week with text and photo submission forms.

Ask Dave: Fans can now submit photos with their questions!

A big thanks to D23 for all the info and a big Happy Anniversary !! 

Feel free to share these great Disney Memories with your family and friends. And tell me what's your favorite Disney Memory ? 

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