11 March 2014

Our #DisneySide Party Was A Cool Blast of FROZEN Fun

 After all the planning the DisneySide party has come and gone. It was a fantastic time and I was very worn out afterwards.  So, I guess that means we had a great time!  We decorated in our theme of Frozen, making everything blue and white from balloons to cupcakes. We made a bunch of Snowflakes to hang all over giving it the winter Arendelle feel. And when the guests arrived I got so excited after all the planning and the baking.  It was finally time to see them react and show their DisneySide! I found some Frozen trivia online and when I went through the questions myself I was thinking they were pretty hard.  I did see the movie but, there were ones I didn't know the answer to. Thank goodness for the answer key, I was thinking. I wanted to make it really fun and with some hints to the kids all but one was answered.

The blue and white "Frozen" cupcakes went in minutes, I wished I had baked more. Then they moved onto the "Mickey" Brownies which were so fun to make. I loved how excited they were to see the themed food I made. It was great, they were having as much fun as I was. I loved that I could incorporate other Mickey props that I had gotten over the years, including a Mickey serving tray I got on the Disney Cruise Line. A lot of these props were also used in our fun "Hidden Mickey" game. The winner counted 109 Hidden Mickey's in the house. The game was to go around to each room in the house and count every Mickey everywhere. I bet there were even more.

I think my favorite part was when it came time to get creative and show their DisneySides with the Hanes T-shirts. My idea was for them to take a blank canvas and create their favorite Frozen moment, character or theme from the movie. So I gave them the t-shirts and markers and waited to see the creativity fly. I was so impressed and loved what they had done. They each won prizes for creativity and said they were wearing them to school on Monday.

Frozen themed Snowflakes 

More Snowflakes 

Mickey Cupcake Holders 

I loved making the Mickey Confetti for the table center piece and they thought it was so cool too. I used one of my scrapbooking tools to make it.

They each loved their Mickey Love print as their thanks for coming gift and I added a bunch of other gifts too like Disney magnets, vinylmations and pins. Also included in their goody bags were some Craisins and stickers. We also had fun putting on the Goofy tattoos and talking about awesome Disney Memories from trips past and future plans.

I want to thank everyone for coming it was a blast, and thank all the DisneySide sponsors - American Tourister, Hanes, Ocean Spray, runDisney and HP for all their great products that was included in my DisneySide Home Celebration kit. I could not have done it without them and their great products.

Disclaimer: I was given a kit of products from companies to host a DisneySide home party. In no way was any of the opinions here influenced by anyone. All content is based on honest opinions and experiences. Thanks ! 

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  1. I need a Mickey Mouse confetti maker. I bet it's fun. I'd have pixie dust all over the place. :)

  2. I love the make your own t-shirt idea! It looks like everyone had lots of fun. :)